Goa Elections Opinion Poll 2017

Assembly elections in Goa will be held in 2017 along with the four states of India. The other four states are Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Punjab and Manipur. We are expecting that the Election Commission of India will release the notification in the month of November and elections would be held in the first quarter of March. Goa opinion poll 2017 has been surveyed by VDP Associates in 2016 and predicts the vote share and seats of major political parties of Goa.

The Aam Aadmi party has announced that they will contest the Goa assembly elections on all 40 seats of Goa. It made the elections interesting and tough for the ruling party BJP and opposition party Congress.

Goa Opinion Poll 2017

Party Seats 2016 Vote % Seats 2012 Vote %
BJP+ 22 41.4 26 44.9
AAP 9 24 0 N/A
Cong+ 6 23.5 9 34.8
GF 2 5 0 0

Opinion polls are predicting that the BJP might loss 4 seats as compare to the last elections of 2012 and they would remain in the power with the win of 22 seats. As per the survey polls Newbie party AAP will win 9 seats in the legislative assembly of Goa and will become the main opposition party of Goa. INC might suffer a loss of 3 seats as compare to the 2012 elections. He will be restricted at 6 seats with a vote share of 23.5%.

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Who will win the Goa Elections 2017?

    India Today-Axis Goa Opinion Poll

    Party Seats Share Percentage
    BJP 17-21 38
    INC 13-17 34
    AAP 1-3 16
    Others 3-5 12

    As per India Today Axis survey poll BJP will win the necessary seats to stay in the power. As per the poll BJP will win 17 to 21 seats with a vote share of 38%. Congress will remain in second spot with a 34 % vote share and 13 to 17 seats. Bad news for the Aam Aadmi Party, as per the poll AAP will win 1 to 3 seats with 16% vote share.

    Kautilya Survey Opinion Poll

    Kautilya Teertha Data Analytics Survey Details: Survey was conducted on 80000 people of Goa of all 40 seats consisting 1640 polling booths.

    Party Name Seats Prediction
    AAP 14
    BJP 11
    INC 7
    MGP 6
    Others (Independent) 2
    Total 40

    As per Kautilya opinion poll Aam Aadmi Party will be the biggest party in upcoming Goa elections 2017 if elections held today. As per Kautilya Teertha Data Analytics AAP will win 14 seats out of 40 seats. BJP will be on second spot with 11 seats and INC will able to win just 7 seats. Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party (MGP) will win 6 seats and Independents will beg two seats. As per the predictions AAP will win most number of seats, however, it will remain far behind in forming government. 21 seats are required to form the government in 40 seated Goa legislative assembly.

    35% voters went with AAP and 27 % voter preferred BJP in the survey. Current Defence Minister and EX CM of Goa Manohar Parrikar is still the favourite candidate for the Chief Minister post and MGP leader Sudin Dhawalikar remains on second spot.

    These survey polls are held on small sample of local voters and actual results might be differ.

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