BJP Candidates List for Goa Elections 2017

BJP is contesting on all the seats in upcoming Goa elections 2017. Bhartiya Janta Party is one of the main party in the country's politics. Elections will be held on all 40 assembly seats. The list of BJP candidates mentioned with their respective constituency. Goa elections 2017 polling date is 4 February 2017. AAP has already declared the MLA candidate list of Goa elections 2017; other parties are also ready to declare the list.

BJP will have to compete mainly with Congress and AAP. If the Goa opinion polls are to be believed, Bhartiya Janata Party is stronger than its competitors in Goa. Among the 40 seats assembly, BJP needs to win on 21 seats in Goa elections 2017 to acquire majority. Current government is ruled by Bhartiya Janata Party, so the party will try to continue its Government in the state. The BJP MLA candidate list makes the air clear about various candidates contesting on the seats.

BJP Second Candidates List for Goa Polls 2017

AC No.AC NameCandidate's Name
16MayemShri Pravin Zantye
18PoriemShri Vishwajit K. Rane
19ValpoiShri Satyavijay S. Naik
21PondaShri Sunil N. Desai
29CurtorimShri Arthur D'Silva
35VelimShri Vinay Tari
40CanaconaShri Vijay A. Pai Khot

BJP First Candidate List for Goa Elections 2017

The Bhartiya Janata Party has released the first list of 21 candidates and BJP will contest on 37 seats of Goa Assembly.

AC No.AC NameCandidate Name
1MandremLaxmikant Parsekar
3BicholimRajesh Patnekar
4ThivimKiran Kandolkar
5MapusaFrancis D'Souza
6SiolimDayanand Mandrekar
7SaligaoDilip Parulekar
8CalanguteMichael VazĀ 
10AldonaGlen Ticlo
11PanjimSiddharth Kuncolienkar
12TaleigaoDattaprasad Naik
17SanquelimDr Pramod Swant
22ShirodaMahadev Naik
24MormugaoMilind NaikĀ 
25VascoCarlos Almeida
26DabolimMauvin Godinho
27CortalimAlina Saldanha
29CurtorimArthur Dsilva
30FatordaDamu Naik
34CuncolimRajan Naik
37CurchoremNilesh Cabral
39SanguemSubhash Phaldesai

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