Karnataka Opinion Poll 2018

Elections in southern states of India are always interesting ones. In 2018, Karnataka election will take place and the fight will be to rule this state for next 5 years. In the current scenario, BJP is on its streak to color most states with saffron color. However, Congress is also trying to retain power in the states where it is ruling. Considering the big number of 224 seats on the stake, it is a big election indeed. The third dimension is also present in these elections, JD(S) also have a good voter base in the state of Karnataka. So the people’s inclination towards different parties is an interesting thing to know. Many times, people’s early opinions are same as the actual election results. This time people of Karnataka and India are also searching for reputed Karnataka Opinion Poll.

Karnataka Opinion Poll 2018 with all survey and predictions
Karnataka Opinion Poll 2018

TV9 Kannada-C-Voter Karnataka opinion poll

TV9 Kannada-C-Voter opinion poll has conducted the survey and they suggest that Congress will win 102 seats out of 224 seats. BJP will be the second highest grosser with 96 seats in their basket. Both the parties will be away from the magical number of 113 seats. JD(S) will win 25 seats, staying at the third position. This scenario suggests a hung assembly as per Karnataka TV9 Kannada-C-Voter opinion poll 2018. No party will hold the majority, this is what the survey suggests. However, the true outcome will be known only after completion of elections.

Political PartyExpected Seats

Suvarna News Karnataka Opinion Poll 2018

The latest opinion poll was conducted by Suvarna News. The Karnataka opinion poll 2018 suggests that this election will not be a contest between two parties. BJP and Congress have had their share of elections between them, there is a third party which comes into the picture in this southern state of India. Janata Dal (Secular) is also claiming a good share of seats in latest Karnataka election survey. As per the poll; Congress will get 88 seats, BJP will get 82 seats and JD(S) will get 43 seats leaving 11 seats for the other parties and independent candidates.

Political PartyExpected Seats

JD(S) might get 20% of vote share, good enough to make others notice their presence. Among the total 224 Karnataka assembly seats, none of the party seems to score the majority.

Karnataka Opinion Survey by CHS

One of the budding opinion poll agency called as CHS has shared their prediction for Karnataka election. The agency predicts that JD(S) will score big with 64-66 seats. BJP is expected to get 73-76 seats and Congress party has a high chance of getting 77-81 seats in 2018 elections. The pre-poll prediction sets all three parties near each other by a small margin. Others will get 4-5 seats out of 224 Vidhan Sabha seats.

Political PartyExpected Seats


Karnataka Opinion Poll 2018

Many Karnataka opinion polls 2018 will be declared, mostly in 2018. Various media houses and survey agencies conducts these surveys. These agencies share a rough idea of people’s opinion by conducting survey over a small sample. These surveys of Karnataka Vidhan Sabha elections 2018 will be shared by NDTV, CVoter, India Trending Now, Aaj Tak, VDPAssociates, Times Now, Chanakya exit poll 2018 etc.

Talking about Karnataka, Until 1983 Congress has single handedly ruled in Vidhan Sabha elections. After which, party started to face challenges and also started losing and winning for the years to come. Karnataka Assembly elections 2013 were also in the favour of INC where they won with 122 seats. Now elections has come again, as the last term is about to finish in 2018, several Karnataka opinion polls and predictions are also being declared by different news agency.

Karnataka Opinion Poll by Creative Center for Political and Social Studies

Political PartyExpected Seats

As per the Creative Center for Political and Social Studies (COPS), BJP is expected to win 113 seats and INC will get 86 seats. Janata Dal Secular will expected to win 25 seats as per Karnataka election prediction 2017.

Karnataka Opinion Poll by C-fore Survey Agency

An opinion poll was conducted by a polling agency C fore survey to know the mood of voters for upcoming assembly elections of Karnataka. This pre-poll survey was conducted on 24679 voters of 165 assembly constituencies from 19 July to 10 August 2017. As per this Karnataka election prediction, Indian National Congress will win 120 to 132 seats and retains the power in the state. The Bharatiya Janata Party is expected to win 60 to 72 seats in upcoming 2018 polls. JD (S) is expected to win 24 to 30 seats of 224 assemblies of Karnataka.

Political PartyExpected SeatsVote Percentage

The C Fore survey also predicts the voting percentage of every party, as per the survey Congress will get 43% votes. BJP will get 32% votes and JD (S) will get 17% votes.

Survey by the Karnataka State Unit of BJP

Bharatiya Janata Party has conducted an internal survey to have an early idea of people’s mind. Their inclination towards the party will help in strategizing for upcoming Karnataka elections 2018. Party has conducted the opinion polls and the results are in favour of BJP, as per party officials. As per survey, BJP will win 129-150 seats, which keeps them in safe zone. If this opinion poll could be believed, Congress will win 50 seats only, removing them from power. JDU(S) will win 22 seats and independent will win the rest of the seats. This survey shows that Karnataka will see change of government this year, and BJP will win with clear majority.

Political PartyPredicted Seat Win
Can’t Say10%

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