How to plan a budget-friendly and romantic honeymoon trip outside India?

Planning a wedding requires substantial funds, and arranging for the same can be quite stressful. Considering this, the post-wedding trip or honeymoon should be a welcome and enjoyable getaway. Whether an individual chooses a honeymoon destination outside India or within the country, the trip should be about celebrating marriage and having a good time.

budget-friendly and romantic honeymoon trip

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However, there might be an additional financial liability for destinations outside India without proper planning. For instance, the flight and hotel costs may be higher if not booked early. Individuals might also have a cash crunch while on their honeymoon trips due to the high costs of dining and other activities.

Keeping this in mind, one should follow the below-mentioned tips for a cost-effective honeymoon trip.

Tips for planning a cheap and romantic honeymoon trip outside India

There are several points outside India where couples can go for a honeymoon. Nevertheless, a honeymoon trip is not just about a romantic getaway. Some couples also prefer budget-friendly honeymoon trips and do not wish to exhaust their bank savings account.

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Here are some tips for planning a romantic and affordable honeymoon vacation outside India:

  1. Plan your budget

Running out of finances can be inconvenient during a honeymoon trip and must be avoided at any cost. In order to do so, one should fix a budget before planning a vacation and list down the necessary expenses. While making a list of expenses, couples can find several ways to cut back costs. Ideally, one can keep a daily spending limit and leave room for extra cash in case of emergencies. After finalising a budget, one can book a package that fits the budget.

  1. Choose your destination as per your budget

As there are various budget-friendly honeymoon destinations outside India, choosing one can be daunting if there is no set budget. Once couples get clarity on their honeymoon budget, they can simply list down the places that will be covered under the respective budget. However, while choosing a destination, honeymoon couples must consider other factors like flight costs from India, transportation and accommodation costs etc.

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  1. Know about the most romantic places to visit

Before planning a honeymoon trip, one should be clear about his or her preferences. Some expect honeymoon trips to be romantic and relaxing, while others might brave an outdoor adventure or tick off a new city from the bucket list. For instance, couples belonging to the former category must only focus on the romantic places of a destination and list them down while planning a honeymoon trip. Proper research and going through reviews can help in shortlisting these places.

  1. Know about the food and activities

It is essential to consider the food and accommodation costs while planning a honeymoon. Moreover, some might not prefer sticking to the basics and want to explore more activities like adventure trips, scuba, treks, etc., which can cost dearly. Before including these on the checklist, one should be aware of its expenses and check whether it fits his or her budget.

  1. Be aware of the health advisories and COVID-19 guidelines

Travelling amidst a pandemic may be difficult if individuals are not aware of health advisories related to COVID-19. A well-chalked-out trip might not go as planned if honeymoon couples do not follow the COVID-19 protocols. Further, in case a traveller does not follow the rules, he or she might need to pay fines that can further increase financial liabilities.

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  1. Get your visa

Planning a honeymoon trip abroad requires couples to obtain a visa. In order to do so, one should visit the respective country’s embassy and apply for a tourist visa. However, individuals can initiate visa applications online by filling out forms and uploading necessary documents.

Note: It is vital to apply for a visa much before one plans a honeymoon trip to avoid any last-minute hassle.

  1. Get travel insurance

Even if honeymoon couples make a proper plan and include every essential item on their list, a number of things can go wrong while they are on their journey. For instance, they might lose their baggage, visa, passports, etc. This can further increase expenses and hamper their trip. To cover costs during such unprecedented events, one should opt for a travel insurance policy from a reputed insurer. This insurance secures the entire trip and reduces financial liability.

So, couples can make their honeymoon trips memorable and hassle-free by keeping the aforementioned tips in their mind.


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