Top 3 Basketball Betting Strategies

Basketball betting strategies are used due to the sheer number of events. Fights take place almost daily, so it is not surprising that bettors have developed many betting methods for this sport.

Are there any win-win strategies for betting on basketball?

Remember one thing – no basketball strategy will give you even a 95 percent guarantee of victory. It only increases the chances of winning.

Nowadays, bets are placed on everything and thus they earn money. In sport, the most famous game that is increasingly being bet on is basketball. From season to season, the bettor “leads” his player, knowing his features, physical readiness, favorite and least liked opponents, preferred surfaces, top form, injuries, ups and downs.

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We would like to present to you the trinity of the most popular strategies for this exciting sport:

Total quarters

To effectively apply the basketball betting strategy for the total quarter, you will have to spend time analyzing statistical information. Here you need to build on not only bookmaker quotes. It is necessary to choose a match in which unstable teams participate, earning a lot of points in one period, and on the contrary, few in the other.

In almost every match, an outsider takes at least one period from the favorite, there is nothing to analyze here. If the bet has not passed, you should make a new one, for another match, while taking into account the losses from the previous meeting. 

Also, during the analysis, it is necessary to pay attention to the following indicators and trends:

  • performance in previous matches (allows you to predict the total);
  • at the end of the playoffs, all the teams are always very tired, it is better to take the total under;
  • favorites often lose during the regular season, and then still reach the decisive stages of the playoffs.

Strategy even/odd

One of the best basketball strategies used for quarter totals. Even beginners will quickly master it. And for successful bets, you do not need to study statistics for a long time. There is a 50/50 chance that the sum of points scored by the two teams in a quarter will be doubles or undoubles.

Using the Even/Odd technique in combination with catch-up, the player needs to follow the established algorithm:

  • you must decide whether to bet on an even or an odd number of points;
  • choose a bookmaker fairplay India and open a section with bets on basketball;
  • find a correct match for which bets are offered on odd or even quarter totals;
  • try to calculate the amount of the bet for one outcome – the total pot should be enough for at least 8 bets using catch-up;
  • bet on even/odd total of the first quarter;
  • after a losing bet, choose the amount of the next bet so that the winnings pay off the previous expenses and bring money from above;
  • place bets until the bet works.

Basketball Underdog Strategy: Quarter Underdog Win

A basketball game is played in four quarters or two periods of two quarters. The outcome of each quarter does not affect the overall outcome of the match. Points are taken into account for the entire match. That is, taking advantage of the advantage in one or two quarters, in the next segment, the favorite can save strength and give way to an outsider.

Usually, the weaker team wins at least one of the four periods. This is your chance to get odds above 2.00 on the underdog. Experts advise using this technique with catching up, if you suddenly do not guess with the period.

The bettor is required to find a match in which the clear favorite will play with an outsider. The coefficient for the victory of a strong team must be at least 1.30. In the pre-match list, bookmakers offer to bet only on the outcome of the first quarter. It is very important to consolidate the results for this period of time.

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