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India is a country that is home to anyone and everyone. The food is rich and diverse, the landscape is a mixture of mountains, deserts and lakes. It truly has everything one can ever ask for from a country. It also has a nation that is mad about one little sport, maybe you have heard of it – cricket!

Yes, cricket is religion to the billion plus people living in India. They watch it on their big screen tv’, handheld phones and in cricket stadiums (pre COVID-19 of course!) The Indian Premier League has established itself as the premier destination for T20 tournaments and is watched and enjoyed by fans all over the globe. Despite the change in venue, IPL 2020 was a huge success.

Online Cricket Betting and Men

However, despite the many positives that I have outlined about India, there is one thing particularly when it comes towards cricket that is disappointing. Cricket is a game that is watched predominantly by men. It is also a game that is used frequently in cricket betting sites that is once again used by men. You have operators from all across the globe entering the Indian betting market but once again are focusing their attention on the male audience.

There’s a New Sheriff in Town

Therefore, it is comforting to come across sites that are willing to go against the grain and offer their services towards the women. The site in question is and it doesn’t take too long to figure out even from the URL who the target audience for the site is.

The site focuses on the three most talked about products in the online gaming space – cricket betting, online casinos and online lottery. Almost immediately you can appreciate the work and dedication that has gone behind the site as it not only lists the top gaming brands but also provides unique reviews on each.

In Depth Betting Reviews

Each review is accompanied by screenshots of what the site looks like, saving you the trouble of having to visit it should you not be impressed by the screengrabs.

You also get a nice list of pros and cons that tells you immediately how the site fares to its competitors. One might offer a greater selection of casino games like teen Patti and Andar Bahar but might pale in comparison when it comes to payment methods.

At the end of each review, you get a nice summary of the site itself which helps you to decide whether you would like to open an account there.

Responsible Gambling

There are also handy ‘guides’ or betting tips that will get you up to speed with the betting lingo used on most gambling platforms. CBW gives you the inside scoop on what to expect from the betting site and what you must to do to maximize your returns. All of this is offered free of charge but done under the guide of responsible gambling. All information provided is done in a fair and responsible manner which makes the site even more appealing. There are no ‘Get Rich Quick’ schemes being offered here.

India OnGo

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