The Best Andar Bahar Strategies & Tricks

India proves its breathtaking culture from many perspectives. As one of the card games born in this unique land, the Andar Bahar card game carries out more than the eye meets. Although there are a myriad of rumours about where the game originated, most agree upon mesmerising Bengaluru, the capital state of Karnataka.

The name Andar Bahar refers to Andar (inside) or Bahar (outside). Actually, the game is one of the simplest card games in live casinos. So, it is the favourite of many table game enthusiasts tired of perplexing games with a bunch of rules. Andar Bahar is definitely a “cool breeze” for those looking for a breakpoint from a chaotic day routine.

In this article, we will introduce this spartan but delightful card game, its game set and winning strategies to our readers.

How and where to play Andar Bahar?

Andar Bahar online game is a table game based on luck rather than gaming skills. Andar (inside) or Bahar (outside) are the only possible outcomes of the game. In this way, it distinguishes itself from other complex products found on online betting sites. So it attracts an incredible number of players from all around the world and Indian online casinos.

Andar Bahar Winning Strategies

Although it looks like a game of 50-50 from an obtuse angle, there are still some strategies aiming to be a conscious online Andar Bahar player instead of sitting on a table game like a drunken sailor who just bets blindfolded. We believe these rosetta stones will assist our readers in assembling their own paths to enjoy.

Learn the game rules

Like A101 in all betting games, from slot games to Bingo, the first step must be understanding the game’s mindset. In a nutshell, the Andar Bahar real cash game is based on two phases: the dealer deals a card (Joker Card) face up, and the other player/s bets on one of two piles called Andar and Bahar. Afterwards, the dealer starts to deal cards alternately, which goes on until a Joker card’s matching card appears in one of the piles, the winning pile.

Start with small Andar Bahar bets

Don’t you think it wiser to step slowly inside the chilly water rather than dive in seconds? You will probably not feel comfy on a table with high bets in the beginning, and why risk your valuable money on a game you haven’t completely figured out yet? Try to find Andar Bahar table games starting from €0.05 to warm up.

Check your bankroll regularly

To be frank, this advice is for everyone who loves betting. Excitement and the game’s fever may take you away from the reality of your bankroll melting. The keyword in gambling is “Know where to stop!”. Even if you win or lose, you must have preconcerted top and bottom limits for your own good. Please do not go on Tilt and lose it all on a hard-luck day!

Take advantage of the casino bonuses

We all love some extra cash in our bankroll, right? Online casinos are entirely aware of our soft spot for additional bonuses and offer a plethora of highlighted welcome rewards, cashbacks and no-deposit bonuses.

Searching and grabbing generous live casino bonuses can give you more room to practice and win more. Plus, most online casinos present cashbacks on your loss of up to 10%!

Choose a good online casino

Playing in a secure, innovative and customer-friendly casino will elevate the taste of Andar Bahar online game. Navigate review aggregators, forums and blogs to shape your opinion on which online casino meets your expectations.

Side Bets at Andar Bahar Game

OK! Maybe at first glance, Andar Bahar seems like a 50-50 chance game, but there is a card which may diversify the outcomes and spice up the game immensely. Yes! It is the opera’s leading lady, the Joker card, also known as Middle Card. Players can predict the card by betting on specifications such as:

●      Below 8, Above 8 ●      Specific Suit ●      From 2 to 10
●      Exactly 8 ●      Specific Colour ●      Specific Rank

We wish you the best of luck in the Andar Bahar games. May the odds be in your favour!

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