AIGF Organizes the Knowledge Session about the Poker Industry in India

The All India Gaming Federation (AIGF) is a non-profit organization aimed at regulating the activities of all the gaming industry participants in India.

Federation’s goals include:

  • Unite all the participants of the gaming market – players, gambling establishments, gaming operators, business houses, lawyers, journalists, software/hardware providers, experts, etc. – under a common platform;
  • Inspire reforms and innovations;
  • Ensure the global best practices;
  • Establish effective self-regulation;
  • Ensure the responsible gaming;

Provide the complete safety of players and financial transactions.

AIGF and the Online Poker Industry

AIGF works with all who are interested in improving the gaming business and, in particular, the online poker industry in India, which strives for extensive reforms. The Gambling Federation works closely with the government, political and public figures, lawyers, and operators of the poker industry in India. AIGF sponsors public forums, discussions, conferences, and briefings. In particular, the leadership of the gambling federation appealed to the Prime Minister with a request to limit the activities of nine international operators in the Indian online poker industry. AIGF accused them of fraud, dishonest attraction of new players, creating conditions for the development of gambling addiction, money laundering, installing terminals in places prohibited by law, and even threatening the national state security.

Pro Series in the Indian online poker industry

AIGF continues to develop its Pro Series initiative, aimed to raise the awareness of all members of the online poker industry in India. Each professional series is a real event for players seeking to improve their gaming skills.

Pro Series – the first large-scale event in the Indian online poker industry

The main event of the first professional series was a master class carried by poker professionals and world-class experts on September 4, 2018. The participants discovered a lot of useful information about the game strategy, tactics, and the use of mathematical algorithms when making the right decision in the process of gambling.

Besides the masterclasses, roundtables, formal, and informal meetings were held as part of the first professional AIGF series, during which a lot of Indian poker industry news was widely discussed. Summing up the first Pro Series, the general director of the Gambling Federation promised that such meetings would continue.

Poker Industry News

Last week, AIGF organized the second professional series for the participants of the Indian poker industry. This time, the Pro Series took place in Mumbai with the active participation of international-level poker operator Pokerstars.

Pro Series-2 and Indian poker industry

Current poker industry news, as well as the lack of effective tools for self-regulation of relations between all participants in the gaming market, was discussed in this most ambitious meeting. In mere years, the Indian online poker industry significantly grew. The forum participants paid special attention to the need for close cooperation with the governmental legislative and regulatory authorities.

Roland Landers about the Indian poker industry

Commenting on the results of the second Pro Series forum, AIGF CEO noted significant growth in the gambling business. The revenues of market operators rose more than twice over four years. In such circumstances, it is necessary to monitor the civilized development of the gaming industry. The centralized legislation should provide equal conditions for all market participants. Today, online gaming industry operators have to follow the laws of every Indian state, which creates a lot of uncertainty and provokes all kinds of abuse, fraudulent actions, and violations of the fair play rules.

Not the local authorities but centralized leadership should stabilize the situation in the online games market. According to the most conservative estimates, it will ensure a 25 percent average annual growth in the sector, which will result in the creation of new jobs and raise tax revenues. Roland Landers noted that only in Sikkim and Goa the gaming industry involves more than 7000 employees directly and over 3000 implicitly.

The creation of additional telecommunication channels, the intensification of marketing campaigns, and the real estate market cause indirect employment. Convincing evidence of development effectiveness is the success of Pokerstars, which launched the Poker TV ad campaign in March 2019.

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