What sports do people in India like to bet on?

India is well known for its large-scale religious temples, but much less so in the field of sports. There are, however, many followers of sports in the country, who enjoy not only watching and practicing sports, but also betting on it.

Unfortunately, India’s Sports betting industry is still embryonic and informal. These sports lovers, however, can bet online by using international sites. If you want to take a look at which online bookmakers are available for Indians, access mightytips and take a look at their list.

On these betting sites, it is possible to find a good quantity of sports to place wagers and Indians have their favorite modalities. In today’s article, let’s take a look at which sports are the most popular ones among bettors from this country.


This is certainly the most popular sport in the country and it has been in this place for over a century. Because of this, we can say that cricket betting is, without a doubt, one of the most popular activities among local fans.

This is even clearer when looking at the online bookies that focused on the Indian market, as they begin to offer more cricket games and several extra features within this sport, such as above average odds on local cricket league games, exclusive promotions, and also live streaming to watch the matches


When talking about sports betting, the vast majority of people think of football, as it is the most popular sport around the world. Of course, Indians also love this sport and tend to bet heavily on it.

Of course, neither the local football teams nor the National Team were able to represent the country well on an international level, but that doesn’t stop fans from following the games and betting. In addition, they also enjoy betting on European leagues and major events such as the FIFA World Cup.


Despite not being very popular worldwide, badminton betting India is something quite common among local bettors. Badminton itself is a very popular sport in the country, with many fans and practitioners of this sport.

Unfortunately, not all bookmakers will offer good conditions for betting on Badminton, but by going to the best online bookies, fans can certainly find a variety of games in this sport and good odds to take advantage of.

Other popular sports

With the variety of sports at online bookmakers, fans have a good diversity of options. In addition to these three that we mentioned earlier, other popular sports betting in the country are:

  • Volleyball
  • Field hockey
  • Rugby
  • Kabaddi

Fortunately, the vast majority of betting sites will offer bettors the opportunity to find these sports on their platforms, so that everyone can bet on their favorite sport.

How to bet on football, badminton, hockey… in India?

To be able to bet on these sports in India, punters will first have to find an online bookmaker, as it is not allowed to go to physical locations to enjoy betting meaning it is an illegal activity.

Betting sites, however, allow Indians to wager on their favorite sports legally. To do this, simply select a bookie that accepts bettors from India and has an international license to act.

After finding this bookmaker, you will need to register on the site and make at least a minimum deposit. Both activities take a few minutes and, when choosing payments through eWallets or cryptocurrencies, for example, you will have a balance in your account instantly.

With this balance, you can then place your bets. Just browse the chosen site and search for your favorite sport. Within it, take a look at the games already available and select one of them according to the type of bet you prefer, pre-game betting or live betting.

Within the chosen event, take a look at the markets and lines that are available and also the odds offered by each of them. When you are sure which bet you want to place, just add it to your betting slip, enter an amount and confirm it.

In the end, just follow the game to see if your bet was successful. If it is, your winnings will be directly credited to your balance and you will be able to continue betting and seeking more profits.

Final words

With the creation of online betting sites, the Indian public can legally bet on sports and enjoy the full range of options that these platforms offer. There, they find from the most popular sports worldwide to the favorites of the local public, such as cricket and even Kabaddi.

And you, do you already enjoy online sports betting? If not, take the opportunity to access the link left in the introduction and choose a bookmaker. Register today and test your knowledge of your favorite sports.

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