COVID-19 Coronavirus Facts and Myths – Some Important Points

This year has been a really tough one as the world has seen many adversities already. The year started with the tension between Iran and America, suggesting the possibility of world war. We have already seen the Australian bush-fires which wiped off millions of animals and forced thousands of humans out of their homes. This year also brought one of the most widely spread epidemics, Coronavirus or Covid-19. The Virus has emerged from China and has spread over more than 167 countries and territories around the world. it is quite important to focus on Coronavirus Facts and myths. There are various myths about Corona-virus and we have collected some of the most common Myths and provided actual facts against them. The Coronavirus Facts Vs Myths have been shared below in detail.

Coronavirus Facts And Myths
Coronavirus Facts And Myths

Coronavirus Facts Vs Myths – Covid-19 Myths Vs Facts

Myth No 1 –

Coronavirus can not survive in Hot and Humid Areas.

Fact –

There is no proper evidence to suggest that Coronavirus can not survive hot and humid weather. It has been a widely circulated rumor about Covid-19 that it cannot withstand summers or high-temperature weathers. As per the WHO international Website – ‘ From the evidence so far, the COVID-19 virus can be transmitted in ALL AREAS, including areas with hot and humid weather’.

Myth No 2 –

Coronavirus can not survive in Snow and Cold Weather.

Fact –

No evidence has been found supporting that there is any adverse effect of cold weather on the Novel Coronavirus. It doesn’t get killed by snow also and it is not advised to follow these myths and one should follow the practice of maintaining personal hygiene. According to WHO – ‘There is no reason to believe that cold weather can kill the new coronavirus or other diseases’.

Myth No 3 –

Hot bath or Hot Shower can kill or prevent Coronavirus.

Fact –

This is another myth that a hot bath can prevent the spread of Covid-19. There is no known adverse impact of hot bath or hot shower on the spread of Coronvirus. The body temperature of a human body itself remains around 37 degree and it can accepts the body as a perfect carrier. Taking hot shower can impact you as too high temperature of bathing water can harm your body. According to WHO – Taking a hot bath will not prevent you from catching COVID-19.

Myth No 4 –

The new Coronavirus was intentionally developed by Humans or released by Humans.

Fact –

There are various viruses which are found in animals which can not be transmitted to humans. However, few such viruses changes over time and passes to humans. It is very likely that the Novel Coronavirus is one such virus which has developed over the years and transferred to humans.

Myth No 5  –

Buying or ordering items which are shipped from China can spread the Coronavirus.

Fact –

The Virus has already spread in most of the countries of the world and it is not limited to China only. Some of the study suggests that the Virus can survive on few types of surfaces such as metal, glass and plastic for few days to as long as 9 days. It is unlikely to spread the Coronavirus if your parcel has taken weeks to reach you. It is always advised to clean the outer surface of the parcel as it may be contaminated by various persons involved in delivery of your package.

Myth No 6 –

Face Mask can prevent spread of Coronavirus and it can protect you.

Fact –

The mask can not provide you complete guarantee of prevention from the Coronavirus. It is highly recommended for people working in medial line and treating the Covid-19 patients. They need to wear the professional masks. If you are in close contact with someone sick or you are not feeling well, you may use face mask to avoid the spread of the disease. As many of the masks available are not able to stop droplets penetration, they may not be useful at all. The virus can also pass to a person from eyes as well, which mask do not protect. So masks are important for family members who are taking care of someone ill. In such scenarios, patient and carer should use a mask. However, bulk buying mask for your regular use without the above stated reason would not be useful and it will create unnecessary shortage of masks in market.

Myth No 7 –

Eating Garlic can prevent from Coronavirus.

Fact –

As per the studies conducted so far, there is no evidence to support that the consumption of garlic can be useful against Coronavirus. However, garlic is a healthy food and it has some antimicrobial properties which may be useful for your health.  As Per WHO – ‘There is no evidence from the current outbreak that eating garlic has protected people from the new Coronavirus’.

Myth No 8 –

Does the Novel Coronavirus only impact older people?

Fact –

The Virus can spread in people of all the age groups. Coronavirus can infect people of all ages and its spread is not limited to older people only. However, the older people are more vulnerable to become severely ill after contacting Covid-19. The people with medical conditions such as Asthma, Diabetes and heart diseases etc are more prone to be critical due to the Novel Corona Virus. It is also noted that healthy people of younger age groups has got infected with the virus and without showing any symptoms, they have spread it across their family members and the older members of the family got seriously ill as a result. Hence, it is also advised to follow the basic guidelines to control the spread and follow the basic hygiene practices more seriously.

Myth No 9 –

Antibiotics are effective in preventing New Coronavirus.

Fact –

It is not true as the Antibiotics are only effective over bacteria and Coronavirus is a virus, as the name suggests. However, the medical treatment of the Coronavirus infected people can include antibiotics as they might have contracted bacterial co-infection alongside.

Myth No 10 –

The Hand dryers are effective in killing the virus.

Fact –

The hand dryers are not effective in killing the Novel Coronavirus. One the other hand, you should follow the practice of washing your hands frequency with soap or clean your hands thoroughly using alcohol-based hand rub. After cleaning the hands, you should dry them using paper towels or warm air dryers.

Myth No 11 –

The thermal scanners are how much effective in detecting Coronavirus infected people.

Fact –

The thermal scanner can detect people with higher body temperature. It can detect people who have a fever which may have been caused by Coronavirus. There are chances that someone is having the virus and he/she do not have any fever, thermal scanners can not detect such a person. The Coronavirus takes 2 – 10 days to make a person sick or develop a fever and until then, thermal scanners are no good.

Myth No 12 –

The Coronavirus is similar to a common flu or winter flu and it is no more dangerous than that.

Fact –

The symptoms of Coronavirus are similar to a winter flu in some of the cases. However, the disease is a more serious one, the recent increase of the deaths in the Europe regions shows that it is more serious. The epidemic has spread across most of the countries of the world and Italy, China, Spain and Iran are most badly hit countries. The pace with which this virus is increasing and it has forced the countries to take serious measures such as complete lock-down to contain the disease. Such Coronavirus facts can

Myth No 13 –

Drinking water every 15 minutes can help prevent Coronavirus.

Fact –

One of the rumor is very widely circulated post on Facebook which suggests that drinking water every 15 minutes. It suggests that this practice can help you prevent from contracting Coronavirus as it will flush out the Virus that may still reside in your mouth. However, there is no biological machenism to support this myth. Viruses like Coronavirus generally enter the body through respiratory tract, drinking water frequently might have other health benefits but it is less likely to stop the virus. The Coronavirus facts goes against this myth.

Myth No 14 –

Vitamin C and similar supplements can help you prevent Covid-19.

Fact –

There is no such study which suggests that increasing supplements in your diet or increasing the Vitamin C intake can help you prevent Coronavirus. If you have a healthy diet, you may not be having any such deficiency which needs additional vitamins. The research in underway we have more clarity on the issue.

Myth No 15 –

Avoid Ice cream, Milk-shakes and similar food items to avoid contracting Coronavirus.

Fact –

There is a widespread rumor that having cold food in your diet can make you more prone to contracting Covid-19. Such viral news or videos are suggesting people to avoid cold food such as Ice cream, milkshake, etc. There is no supporting evidence of such rumors, and you may better avoid following such news. The Coronavirus facts suggest that there is no need to avoid cold food due to of this.

These are tough times and there is a panic situation around the world. One should stay aware and only follow the credible sources of news as the rumors can cause issues and unnecessary discomfort. It is advised to wash your hands frequently using soap and water. You can also use an alcohol based hand cleaner and wipe your hands using paper towels and warm air dryer. One should avoid going in public places and inform the medical authorities if they develop any symptoms. The article has tried to cover many Myths and respective facts about the ongoing Coronavirus. Take care of yourself and your family, if we focus on the correct path, we may soon eliminate this epidemic.

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