Maharashtra Curfew Pass Application Process | E-Pass Registration, Check Status

The Corona virus Pandemic has brought the country at standstill. Most of the shops and businesses has been closed as per government orders. Only some of the essentials services and service providers are allowed to operate during the lock down to ensure that there is no scarcity of the needed services and supplies. As people are not allowed to come out of their house and if they are found to be disobeying these orders, legal actions are being taken. The government has made the provision of applying Maharashtra Curfew Pass. They can get the Maharashtra curfew E-pass by using the proper guidelines. Maharashtra E-Pass registration form filling and applying for curfew travel pass can be done online. We have tried to cover some of the important information regarding Curfew E-Pass and its registration process.

What Are Maharashtra Curfew Passes?

In order to fight such a extraordinary situation of Pandemic, the step of lock down was taken by the government. However, the essential services are still required to keep the basic facilities and services operational. In order to allow the essential services and service providers to operate smoothly, Maharashtra government is providing Maharashtra curfew pass to such people. The special category of people who are allowed to leave their houses in these times are allowed to register for curfew lock down pass online. It will allow these people to travel during lock down and the vehicle pass will allow the to use their cars as well.

Who Can Apply For Online Curfew Pass in Maharashtra?

The people who are related to the some of the important services are given curfew pass. They can apply for Maharashtra Curfew pass online if the fall under such category. The people Who Can Apply For Online Curfew Travel Pass in Maharashtra should be related to services such as Bank/Finance/ATM, Cable TV, Company, Dairy, Government/Civil Government, LPG Gas Delivery, Medical (Hospital/Ambulance), Medical (Pharmacy/Shop), Petrol Pump, Press (Media, Reporter), Ration/Grocery/Food, Telecommunication, Transport and some other important category. These are the official list of essential services types who can apply for curfew Pass in Maharashtra.

Maharashtra Curfew Pass

How to Get Curfew Pass Online in Maharashtra?

The Maharashtra Curfew pass essential services list has been provided above in detail. One should cross check to make sure if they fall in the required categories. The eligible people can visit the website and apply for Maharashtra Curfew Lock down pass online. The basic Rules for filling the application form for curfew pass are:

  • Photo size should be less than 2 Kb and the corresponding document size should be less than 2 Kb.
  • The Header Application should be filled in English.
  • If your local police headquarters is not shown in the list, you need to contact your headquarters.
  • If you have any query, contact the nearest police station/police headquarters.
  • You should not call any company representative.

Maharashtra Curfew Pass Online

The below points should be kept in mind while filling out the Registration form for New Curfew Pass:

  • All essential service organizations and individuals can apply for e-pass.
  • Once you have filled all the details, click Submit.
  • Once you have submitted the application, a token ID will be shared with you. You can use it to check your application status.
  • Download the e-pass using the token ID, Once you get the approval or verification of the relevant police department.

After getting the pass, you have to follow the Maharashtra Curfew Pass rules iterated below:

  • If you have approved vehicle e-pass, it will have your details, vehicle number, QR code and validation date.
  • Always carry a soft/hard copy while traveling and show it, whenever asked by police.
  • Copying the pass, abusing it or using it after validity is a punishable offense under law.
  • Don’t use it without authorization, it would be a punishable offense.

How To Check Maharashtra Curfew Pass Status?

When you fill out the registration pass, you will get a unique Token ID. You can check the status of Curfew Pass online by providing this Token ID on Download Pass page. If your curfew pass is created, you can download the pass from here. If your pass is not yet approved, you will be able to check the status of your Pass by providing your Token ID in this page.

Will Curfew Pass Bring Back E Commerce Deliveries in Maharashtra?

The curfew pass can be applied by the delivery companies employees delivering essential items and providing essential services. Most of the E-Commerce websites and companies has stopped displaying their non-essential products or they have simply put them out of stock. It clarifies that these things are not to be delivered by the companies using the curfew passes. Also, as per government notification related to lock down, delivery of non-essential items is prohibited. The Curfew Travel Pass can not be used by any such person who is not designated to use it. Also, deliveries of medicines, grocery, dairy products etc are allowed using these Curfew lock down passes.

The purpose of the lock down is to contain the spread of the Corona Virus in the state as well as Country. The government has emphasized on the importance of staying at home in such hard times. The facility of applying online Curfew pass in Maharashtra has been provided to keep the essential services operational. The main purpose is the allow a smooth lock down for the people and to avoid any problem occurring in the lives of the everyone. It is essential that only those should apply who really need it or deserve it. Once you apply for the pass, it would go through the screening process and those who really need the pass would get it. As a responsible citizen, it is our duty to avoid applying for Maharashtra Curfew pass without any genuine reason. It would save the time of people working in screening of Maharashtra curfew pass application. It would also make the process faster for those who really need it and who might help you directly or indirectly by carrying out their essential duty.

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