Delhi MCD Exit Polls 2022, MCD Opinion Poll Predictions and Trends

Delhi MCD exit Polls 2022 are out this evening on 05 December 2022. Most of the exit polls are predicting Aam Aadmi party will form the government in the municipal corporation of Delhi. Bhartiya Janata Party has been ruling in MCD Delhi for the last 15 years and as per exit polls, AAP will form the government in Delhi MCD. Most of the exit polls are suggesting that the Aam Aadmi party will win the Delhi MCD elections by a good margin. BJP will remain in second place and Congress in third place.

Delhi MCD elections are very crucial for all the parties as these elections are for the municipal corporation department of the national capital. Aam Aadmi Party is already ruling in Delhi Legislative Assembly and they are hoping to win MCD elections too. Whereas BJP has won all the seven parliamentary states of Delhi and ruled in MCD for the last 15 years. During previous MCD bypolls Aam Aadmi Party stands in first place in terms of MCD wards.

Delhi MCD Election Exit Polls 2022
Delhi MCD Election Exit Polls 2022

MCD Delhi has 250 words after the delimitation conducted in 2022. before the delimitation, the total number of votes is 272. MCD was divided into 3 MCDs and now all three MCD are merged into one. Delhi MCD has three mayors now Delhi MCD will have only 1 mayor. 126 is the Majority mark for Delhi MCD which has 250 wards. The winner of these wards will be known as councilor or Nigam Parshad in Hindi. In this post, we are sharing all the Delhi MCD exit polls and opinion polls along with seat projection and voting percentages.

India Today-Axis Survey MCD Exit Poll 2022 Delhi

Party Seats Vote Percentage
AAP 149-171 43
BJP 69-91 35
INC 03-07 10
Others 05-09

Times Now-ETG Prediction Delhi MCD Exit Poll 2022

Party Seats Vote Percentage
AAP 146-156 45
BJP 84-94 39
INC 06-10 11
Others 0-4 5

Jan Ki Baat-India News Exit Poll 2022 Delhi

Party Seats
AAP 159-175
BJP 70-92
INC 04-07
Others 01

MCD Election Results 2017

Party Seats Vote Percentage
BJP 181 36
AAP 49 26
INC 31 21
Others 11 17

Delhi MCD 2022 Exit Poll by Age India Today-Axis My India

Party 18-25 Years 26-35 Years 36-50 Years 51-60 Years 61+
AAP 49% 48% 43% 36% 34%
BJP 36% 37% 29% 38% 46%
INC 10% 6% 11% 12% 13%
Others 5% 9% 17% 14% 7%

Delhi MCD election 2022 results will be announced on 07 December 2022. Exit polls can give a rough idea of election results and they can be entirely wrong. In the past, we have seen many exit polls which gone wrong. Voters and parties should only rely on election results. All the parties are confident enough to build government in Delhi MCD.

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