Who is a Bookmaker and What does He Do

People in this profession benefit from other people’s bets. Quite recently, it was exotic in our country, and now even old ladies who play loto know about the existence of bookmakers. A bookmaker is an organization or a person who accepts money bets on any upcoming events and pays out winnings.

History of the profession

Who are bookmakers, mankind knew already in ancient times. Even in ancient Rome, people had fun with battles of gladiators, cock fights, chariot races. Excitement and a thirst for profit pushed them to bet on a possible winner, and for this they needed an intermediary who would collect money from the disputants, and then distribute it to the winners, leaving himself the agreed reward for the work. These people can be considered the first bookmakers.

At first, sweepstakes were widespread, when all bets were summed up, the organizer’s percentage was subtracted, and at the end of the event, the money was divided between the winners, depending on the size of their contribution. Bookmaking replaced sweepstakes in the 20th century, now the organizers made preliminary forecasts for the outcome of the event and determined the odds. Often, participants became victims of fraud on the part of the organizers, therefore, discussions are still underway, bookmakers are who: businessmen or scammers. If you don’t want to fall prey to being scammed, it is best to place your bets on the proven sports betting sites in India that are listed in the rankings.

Description and characteristics of the profession

Not everyone knows what a bookmaker is. Let’s try to explain how it works. A bookmaker can be an individual or an organization. Since the days of singles are a thing of the past, we will tell you how bookmakers work. The staff of the office includes a number of employees who are engaged in work in a specific direction:

  • a bookmaker-operator is needed in an organization that exists “in real life”: he sits in a booth, accepts money from players, issues checks to them, and after the end of the event pays out winnings;
  • Live betting specialist (in real time) with the help of software quickly reacts to the dynamics of odds, limits the amount of bets or stops accepting them altogether; software specialist (system administrator, IT specialist) who monitors the smooth operation of computer equipment and programs;
  • an analyst, a deep connoisseur of any sport, capable of making informed predictions for calculating odds, taking into account the smallest details. For example, if an analyst specializes in cricket, then he makes paid or free predictions for cricket matches, but such specialists can also be wrong.

There are many offices in the world that accept bets on all kinds of events. Most often, we are talking about sports, but they can argue, for example, about who will become the next president of the United States, what gender the child will be born in the royal family, who will receive the Nobel Prize in Literature, etc. Generally speaking, it doesn’t really matter for a bookmaker whether the client wins or loses. In any case, she will receive her percentage, which was initially included in the set coefficients.

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