The History Of Betting In Ancient Civilizations

Gambling is one of the most popular pastimes in India and other parts of the world. Today, gambling sites allow you to bet from the comfort of your home and even on the go. However, in ancient times, such entertainment had a completely different form. Let’s consider what gambling was in different civilisations of antiquity. This review was prepared thanks to the information provided by the popular betting site Gully Bet.

Ancient Egypt

Gambling entertainment was popular among Egyptians back when civilisation was formed and developed. The emergence of such games was explained by divine providence. The creation of gambling entertainment was attributed to Thoth, a deity who personified magical powers, knowledge and wisdom. In addition, he patronised libraries, those who were engaged in science. According to myths, Thoth created a calendar with 365 days when he played with dice.

Archaeology has given the world a great deal of evidence that gambling entertainment was common among the Egyptians. The most popular were such games as Tiau, Senet, and Mekhen. It is impossible to determine the exact rules of such games. However, there are preserved fragments that allow us to approximately recognise the peculiarities of such entertainments:

  • Tiau is a game with a board and different pieces, which is similar to chess. Tiau is also known as “20 squares”, which was the number of squares the game had. It could be taken with you anywhere, as the board with a section for the pieces was small.
  • Mehen is one of the progenitors of roulette, which is now available at Gully Bet and other casinos. A ball was thrown on a disc with indentations so that it moved and could stop anywhere. In addition to balls, different figures in the form of, for example, animals were used.
  • Senet – resembled checkers. The playing field provided 30 squares, which were arranged according to the system 3×10. They used pieces similar to ordinary pawns.

Of course, the Egyptians played other games as well.

Ancient China

Scientists believe that gambling entertainment existed in China as early as 2300s BC. They became especially popular when the Xia dynasty ruled. China is also the place where card games originated. Cards were marked with numbers, signs. Today’s decks found at Gully Bet and other casinos were created in Persia.

Mahjong in its current form is a variation of the game of Mahjiang that originated in ancient China. There are 2 versions of how it originated. According to one, Confucius created the game while travelling extensively in 500 BC. It is also believed that Mahjiang was created by the sailor Jie. He used the game to distract fishermen from the symptoms of seasickness. Mahjiang, which required looking for similar pictures on wood products, was popular in China.

Also the Chinese civilisation, or rather the ruler Chung Leung, gave the world keno in the second century. The game was created to replenish the treasury. However, it became so famous that it contributed to the provision of the military, winning a long war. In addition, the money generated by keno was used to build China’s most famous landmark.

Ancient Greece

Greek myths linked the creation of the universe to gambling. It is believed that the three gods drew lots to divide the world. Zeus got the heavens, Poseidon – the abysses of the sea, Hades – possessions under the earth. Dice, games with which are now available to those who in GullyBet login or registered in another casino, helped the deities to determine their own spheres of influence.

Dice helped not only to solve disputes, but also to spend time in an interesting way. The inhabitants of Ancient Greece believed that the result of throwing dice depended not on a person’s luck, but on the deity, fate.

With the creation of the Olympics, totalisators appeared and became popular. Almost everyone who had free money bet on the results of the competitions, the winning of a certain participant, and prizes for correct predictions.

Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome was very fond of gambling entertainment. Such games were liked by everyone, regardless of their position in society. There is evidence that the rulers of Rome, Augustus and Claudius II, often spent money on gambling.

The gambling entertainment of the Romans was similar to that of ancient Greece. The most popular were games with dice. It was not uncommon for the Romans to organise a competition where a huge number of people participated in dice rolling.

Back in ancient Rome, entertainment that required guessing something was popular. For example, one of the participants hid fruit fruits or nuts in his hands. Other players had to guess how many items he was holding in his hands. In addition, the game where you had to guess the result of a coin toss was popular.

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