The incredible Pete Sampras

When thinking about excellent tennis players, probably most people immediately think about Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic or Rafael Nadal. However, prior to any of them making their respective breakthroughs into world-class tennis, there was another player who was almost unbeatable. Of course, we are talking about the legendary Pete Sampras. The platform can be visited by fans from all over the world, and they can make wagers on great tennis matches.

Sampras was a true tennis legend. He played professionally between 1988 and 2002. During his professional career he achieved lots of milestones. Most notably, he held the record of winning the largest number of Grand Slams. In total, he won 14 of these competitions. Of course, this record has been largely broken by Djokovic, Nadal and Federer. The 1xBet website also features excellent opportunities for all punters who want to wager on these legendary players.

An Eternal Number One

During his professional career, Sampras pulverized the record of the player with the longest time being number 1 in the world. In total, he managed to keep that place for 286 weeks. In other words, he was the best tennis player in the entire world for more than five years. When visiting the website 1xBet – watch live matches today and place wagers on them, including on the Grand Slams.

Most recently, said record has been broken by Federer and Djokovic. However, an entire generation of fans and followers of the sport witnessed how apparently nobody could take the number 1 away from the player. Fans can watch excellent live matches today and bet on them through the 1xBet website, which also has tons of wagering opportunities.

An Amazing Talent

Sampras was a complete player. It seemed that for him it was quite easy to excel on any surface. In other words, he was capable of performing at a top level whether playing on grass, clay or synthetic surface. You can install application 1xBet now, and wager on tennis matches played across all those kinds of surfaces.

The player had many talents that made him almost unbeatable, some of these things included:

  • having a serve and volley style, which allowed him to quickly resolve points;
  • he also had an incredibly powerful and accurate first serve, in fact, this made it almost impossible for his rivals to break his serve;
  • finally, Sampras also had a powerful second serve, which also helped him in difficult situations.

Thanks to all those aspects of Sampras’ game, many people consider him among the best players of all time. The 1xBet application can be installed right now, and from there, punters can wager on the best tennis players from all over the world.

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