Playing Squid Actors and Roles. Will There be a Second Season?

Every year, thousands of new movies, documentaries, reality shows and, TV shows make their debut on popular streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. It’s pretty hard to predict at the start which of these new shows and movies are going to be a hit because it all depends on how the audience receives the new show or movie.

Guest author Monin Manne takes a look at Netflix’s Squid Game television series that received rave reviews from around the world. Manne takes a look at Squid Game actors and their roles and discusses whether the TV show will have a second season.

Have You Watched Squid Game?

While the Squid Game met with a lot of success, there are still millions of people who are yet to watch this Netflix’s original and first K-drama series that deals with the concept of death games.

When the first season of the Squid Game came to an end, only a handful of its cast survived. But several burning questions revolving around the mysterious lives of these characters remained unanswered. Fans of the series are, therefore, clamoring for a second season. Will the Squid Game return for a second season?

The following is our attempt to answer this question.

The Squid Game Series

Squid Game is a South Korean drama series that hit Netflix in the middle of September and did not take long to capture viewers’ attention. Today, it inspires Halloween costumes, Squid Game theories, and a series of discussions and debates.

The series is about people heavily in debt getting invited to participate in children’s games and win billions of dollars. When they accept the invitation, they are unaware that losing the game means losing their lives. No wonder most of the lead characters of the Squid Game lost their lives during its first season.

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Lead Actor Willing to Return

Fans, however, want the rest of the crew to return for season two. Most of the actors are willing to return. Lee Jung-jae, the lead actor, says that he wants to return for season two in response to all the love and support he received from fans.

But he admits that he doesn’t know how the story will unfold in the second season. The characters may change, or new characters may appear on the roster. The actor doesn’t even know whether he will get a minor role or continue playing the role of Seong Gi-hun for season two.

In the final episode of Season 1, Gi-hun had decided to ditch the plane in a fit of rage. The expression on his face indicates that he may take action against the team that organizes the Squid Game.

Fans have many theories of what Gi-hun may do if he returns for Season 2. According to one theory, he may infiltrate Squid Game as a worker or use his winnings to become a Squid Game VIP. He may even join forces with Hwang Jun-ho, the police investigator, who might have survived the first season.

Fans also want Hwang Jun-ho to return. During the first season, he had infiltrated the Squid Game and collected all the evidence required to put its organization behind bars. However, we do not know whether Jun-ho has survived. We only know that the Front Man shot him in the shoulder before pushing him off the cliff into the sea and leaving him for dead.

Will There Be a Second Season?

Even as we write, fans are busy looking up new Squid Game theories on the Internet. Many are interested in purchasing Squid Game-inspired costumes for Halloween. And everybody wants to know whether the Netflix Korean survival drama will return for a second season.

Squid Game may return because its first season was a huge success. But Netflix has not released any official confirmation that the series will return. This gives Netflix viewers who have not watched the first season of Squid Game a chance to catch up and see what the hype is all about. Given the popularity of the TV show, Netflix doesn’t need to publicize it further by posting updates about season two.


Netflix will likely keep the suspense going as fans continue to Google and check gossip sites to see if the Squid Game will be renewed for Season 2. Based on the popularity of the series, we think it is highly likely that Squid Game Season 2 will be released before the end of 2022. But until then, Indian fans can wait while keeping busy playing other thrilling online casino games.

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