Online Betting Solutions for Sportsbook Business

You need to put in your effort and passion in starting an online sportsbook business. The betting and gambling industry is a vast sea filled with thousands of betting and gambling sites. If someone needs to stand out from others and aspire to create something big, they need to cooperate with the best sportsbook solutions in the market.


This guide will help you decide which betting solution to choose for your brand-new sportsbook business. We have researched the pros and cons of three popular betting solutions – Custom Software, White Label, and Turnkey software solutions.

Custom Software Solutions

Custom software is one of the best betting solutions out there. Many operators prefer this solution as they think it’s better than both the white label and turnkey in every way possible. The custom software allows you to customize and do modifications, which allows you to take advantage of your unlimited business potential. You don’t have to worry about the third party interfering or deciding what to do or what should be shown in your feed. You are on your own and doing what you want to do with your feed. You can modify everything according to your plan and your business needs. This way, custom software gives you an opportunity to create something unique and stand out from everyone in the online gambling market. Custom software products may help you to grow fast and big.

White Label Software Solution

When you buy a white label software solution, the supplier gives you all the available important modules, including various methods for making payments or other important features. You don’t need to do anything on your own to get everything ready. From technical support to customer service, all key components are included in the white-label software solution. However, you may get limited to the terms and conditions of the supplier, but in return, you may also benefit from a superior framework.

Starting a betting business with a white label is very fast and cost-effective. You will get rid of many problems that people who are using different solutions face. Maintaining and handling white label solutions is also easier to some extent. White label is the cheapest way to try your hands on the online gambling or betting industry. The best thing about the white label is that you can invest in promoting the products, which makes it a budget-friendly software.

If we talk about the cons of this software, then White label products limit your earnings. There is a huge commission that a third party takes from you; it may be up to 50%, depending on the third party. Moreover, because the White label is the cheapest and easiest way to enter into the online betting industry, everyone’s first choice is the white label. This is the reason why there is huge competition for white label solutions in the market. It might be difficult for you to make your business unique and be different from other competitors.

Turnkey Software Solutions

Turnkey and white label software solutions are a little similar as both of them are made ready to use. Apart from this, Turnkey products have features that allow you to make changes and modify the software to some extent. Turnkey allows betting operators to make their own customized designs. However, they cannot fully customize the design as in custom software products. A good thing that makes Turnkey software better than white label solutions is the revenue commission share they take from operators. Turnkey takes a lesser commission than what white label takes.

Bottom Line

So now that you know the pros and cons of custom software, white-label, and turnkey solutions, we suggest choosing software that fits your requirements. Good betting software can help you to achieve really big things and attract bettors in the industry. Integrating the best software on your betting platform allows you to unlock your full business potential by giving customized websites with all the necessary betting options.

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