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Fantasy power 11 and GetMega are two trending online platforms that keep the spirit of any game you play alive through the medium of their impressive virtual experience. Let us discuss each of them below to understand how they have the best user experience and why they are the fantasy partners you need to enjoy your next upcoming cricket series and other games with your family and friends from around the world. Get your popcorn out and get set go. 

Fantasy Power11

Are you a cricket enthusiast? Do you enjoy watching the game with full spirit, whether physically present on the ground or not? Do you enjoy gambling and winning based on your intuition alone? You have come to the right place.

  • One of the best features of fantasy power11 is its leader board or dashboard feature that ensures you are always well updated with all the upcoming cricket games and matches. Once you begin playing, you get a personalized leader board that changes the scores on the board on the basis of the matches you win throughout. All you need to do is start forming teams based on your intuition and begin playing.
  • The main intention of creating this platform is to allow users to play on their rules and regulations for games like cricket that require team formation, with an increased chance of winning big bags of money, without any partiality or bias.
  • If you think it is just another betting experience, you are wrong. Along with the option of cricket game downloads, you can also enjoy live score updates, welcome bonuses, instant money withdrawals, daily contests, etc., to keep you well entertained throughout your journey.
  • No matter what cricket series or league you wish to follow, you can use the fantasy power11 cricket application to earn money by playing fantasy cricket, with up to a minimum of  Rs.50 lakhs earned daily.
  • All you need to do to begin earning or in learning the art of fantasy cricket is build a team of a minimum of 11 members of your choice to start trusting your intuition and playing the game to earn real money.
  • The choice of games available on Fantasy power11 includes different variations of cricket like premium fantasy, classic fantasy, bowling fantasy, batting fantasy, etc.
  • The Fantasy power11 application is free to download and you have multiple cash-free contests to first learn and gain some experience before competing in high-level contacts for real cash warnings.
  • If you decide to refer a friend to get on board with you to join Fantasy power11, you will benefit from a massive 25% of the earned profit of the players to join using your code. The amount of money is only sent to you once the results have been declared and there is no money if the match is canceled or abandoned.  


Are you looking for an online gaming partner that allows you to experiment with a variety of different games ranging from card games, board games, poker, etc., all from the comfort of your home? This is why GetMega is the best choice.

  • GetMega has a unique leader board feature that brings the entertainment of gaming with real-time money and an interesting yet unique player experience. With hundred percent verification from an Australian company called iTech Labs, and being a part of the all India gaming Federation, GetMega is the innovation you need to up your gaming experience in a safe and trusting environment.
  • All the good games that you want to see on the platform are available. Each of the games is individually curated for smooth user interaction to allow maximum opportunities to win big while minimizing the possible distractions completely.
  • GetMega offers a unique user experience with an improved interface to allow both horizontal as well as vertical gameplay options to enjoy your choice of game, with increased interaction and clear visuals.
  • As GetMega is a verified platform with real players, every player is verified by important information like Facebook profiles and mobile numbers to ensure no scam accounts are active. Additionally, according to stats, approximately 10,000+ players are active on the platform on a daily basis.
  • If you get a friend to join using your referral code, as a reward, you will receive Rs.10 for each of the friends you refer. All you need to ensure is that the friend you recommend has your phone number in the contacts and that they play at least one game in video chat mode available on the GetMega app.

 Overall, to conclude, there are a variety of gaming platforms that offer a seamless user experience with multiple opportunities to earn real money. Both Fantasy power11 and GetMega specialize in different categories of games but still remain to be the top choices for people in India. Don’t believe it? Go check out fantasy power11 for cricket and GetMega for other games immediately.

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