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Cricket remains an exceedingly popular game in India, Great Britain and the Anglophone parts of the world. Each major cup is viewed by millions, which speaks volumes about the ratings of the sport. It’s not a globally accepted game by any means, but this love for cricket means that big providers like Bet365 cover many major and minor events.

You can bet on cricket quite easily. In fact, cricket is one of the most represented games on websites such as Bet365. It regularly grows to be the second-biggest sport by the number of available matches, only overshadowed by football. At times, it can even become the number one.

Live Cricket Bets

Live betting is one of two major types of wagers that are available to people who login into Bet365. The other is plain line bets, named ‘sport’ here, which deal with the coming matches in the course of several days.

An interesting thing about live bets is that odds can change depending on the current game situation. Note that the coefficients don’t just float all the time – they get adjusted by the provider between the overs or during breaks, when nothing happens on the field. There are plenty of overs in a cricket game, meaning the odds can change very often in the course of the game.

You need to Bet365 login with an existing account to make a bet. After that, proceed to the ‘live’ menu through a button at the top left part of the screen. Once there, select cricket from the scroll menu of all sports at the top. After that, you can see all the currently played cricket matches.

IPL Cricket Bets

IPL (Indian Premier League) is the top-level cricket tournament in India. It’s also the most viewed such competition in the world. It’s held annually, although the season can move around. The cricket games can also take a lot of time, so there’s no telling when the league ends.

It usually starts in the spring – in March or April. Depending on the circumstances of individual matches, it can take a different number of months. These matches have been known to last until October and beyond. At the same time, some only take a few months and end in June.

Suffice it to say, there are plenty of IPL matches played on different levels throughout these many months. Playoffs, semifinals and finals usually include 10 teams, and they play it out among themselves to claim that year’s championship title. The games are long, so buckle up.

One the IPL kicks off, it’ll be featured in the ‘popular’ category at the top of the side menu, where you’d pick the sports in the ‘sport’ section. It’s one of the biggest leagues, so there’s no way it won’t be featured up there.

How to Make a Cricket Bet

To make a cricket bet you’ll need to go to either of the two main sections: ‘sport’ (which deals with the upcoming leagues and matches) and ‘live’. The menus are a bit different, but the features are more-or-less consistent.

For instance, the upcoming matches are arranged in a vertical menu with the list of sports arranged in a catalog to the side. That includes all the sports Bet365 currently supports, even though some may be barely used at the moment. Many major sports, motorsport activities and regional games are represented.

You need to go to the regional sports under the ‘other sports’ category at the bottom of this menu. It’s one of the first to come up. Upon clicking it, locate the coming match that you’re interested in. You can make a bet without even entering the individual page of a match. It’s better to enter, however.

Besides the bet on the overall winner, you can find plenty of other, additional outcomes of the game below. You can bet on all of them. Betting on the total outcome means you need to press one of the two main buttons at the top of the page – below either team. The coefficients for each are written on them.

Upon clicking, you’ll need to specify the amount of the wager and then just wait until the game is concluded to claim your winnings or count your losses.

The additional bets include the individual quotes for each player in the teams, the ‘best bowler’ bet, method of the first wicket & runs in the first over. These categories can all be wagered on. The coefficients for each of these options are also written on the corresponding buttons.

Cricket Bets in the Bet365 App

The first step is to login into Bet365 on their mobile app. It can be done both on iOS and Android, as both main systems are supported by this platform. They can also be downloaded from their respective app stores, commonly speaking. It’s also possible to boot the mobile version through browser on your phone.

After you go hold of the application and entered your account there, you can access cricket one of two ways:

  • Open the scroll menu from the left side (the one labeled ‘A-Z’). Doing so opens the very same catalog you can see in the PC version. Unlike it, however, the mobile variant is scrollable, which saves time immensely. If you know exactly where cricket is in this menu, you can just scroll through it in a moment.
  • Find it in the top menu. The top menu is a horizontal roster at the top of your screen that is immediately available on the front page. There are no divisions and subcategories in it, but it’s also limited. It only includes the sports currently in spotlight. Cricket might be there, especially if a massive cup is played at the moment.

After finding the correct sport, the logic is generally the same. The only vital difference is that you can operate the platform through sensor screens. It saves time and makes the experience much more comfortable in most cases.

Registration in Bet365 App

Before you login into Bet365, you need to register an account. For it, you can visit the PC version and the mobile app alike. If you decide to do it in the mobile version, they’ll give you an option to do so right after you boot it the first time. At least, on most devices they do that.

To register, you need to provide a handful of details about yourself, including these.

Private info Contact info Account info
Address Email Login
Country of residence & nationality Phone number Password
Full name & title    
Date of birth    

Live Cricket Broadcasts in Bet365

If you have a Bet365 login, you can tune in onto live cricket streams by selecting a live game and choose to ‘join the stream’. This button would be in the right menu of each game’s individual page. It’s represented by a rectangle with a ‘play’ symbol on it. You can switch between it and the rough presentation of the game.

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