10 amazing roulette facts that you might know!

Out of all the casino games which are thoroughly played around the world, roulette happens to be one of the most famous and most widely played. But there are a lot of people who don’t have the basic understanding of the game, yet they end up playing it just for the thrill of it. Much like betting on cricket, betting on a game of roulette can be a lot of fun, but the game is exclusively designed for the casinos profit. Hence, having a fair idea about how this game actually works only benefits the player. Nowadays, playing roulette online has also become a fascinating hobby for many. However, if you wish to play it safe on online platforms, here’s the most trusted roulette gaming portal for you to explore. But before getting into playing this game or any other casino game for that matter, knowing the intricate details, the pros and cons of the game must be given utmost importance, unless you are willing to lose unnecessarily.


Knowledge about the different types of roulette and understanding when to play and when to stop, are the few things which can turn an amateur player into a professional. Here are few things you need to know in order to understand how roulette works:

  1. The Devil’s game – A typical epithet for roulette is “The Devil’s Game”. You might have  at any point heard this previously yet don’t have a clue why, the explanation is the point at which every one of the numbers on the roulette wheel are summed up regardless of the roulette variation, it is always 666.
  2. Red or Black – In case a black number hits, this doesn’t imply that red will result on the following spin. Truth be told, the possibility of hitting a similar color 10 back to back times is just 1 of every 1024. Nonetheless, the greatest record for the times a similar color was hit straight happened in Bristol, England where red hit 36 continuous occasions!
  3. The little wheel – “Roulette” is derived from the French expression “little wheel” and the game is accepted to have been invented by French mathematician and researcher Blaise Pascal who concocted a gadget like the roulette wheel in 1657.
  4. The man who actually put his bet on everything and won – English card shark Ashley Revell sold all the assets that he possessed and with the subsequent $135,000+ cash, he had put every last bit of it at stakes at the Plaza Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas on a solitary roulette turn. Putting all he had on red – in what most would consider to be an insane move, Revell won!
  5. “California Roulette” – California has multiple betting laws and one of them is that a deck of cards is the main gadget allowed to produce winning results. Since the gadget utilized in roulette is a wheel, this would make the game illicit in California. Although, gambling clubs have discovered a path around the law by offering “California Roulette” which is played with cards rather than a turning haggle ball.
  6. No drinks at the table, if it’s not too much trouble – While its normal to have your drink at tables like blackjack and baccarat, this is a major no-no at the roulette table.
  7. 17 and 22 – 17 is accepted to be 007’s preferred number and the one he plays. It likewise happens to be halfway situated on the table. Another mainstream number is 22.
  8. Frets and Dolly – You can intrigue different players at the roulette table by utilizing the best possible terms for things. The little dividers that different the pockets on the wheel – they’re called ‘frets’ and that plastic thing the vendor uses to check the triumphant number is a ‘dolly’.
  9. The greatest record – The known record for a similar number hitting continuously occurred at the Rio Casino in Las Vegas, where number 19 hit a fantastic multiple times in succession. The odds of that is 1 of every 3 billion.
  10. A 50/50 possibility? – Although numerous players case to have a winning framework, actually there is no real way to legitimately beat the gambling club and win at roulette. The best bet is the least difficult, red or dark.

Roulette can be one of the most fun games at a casino, but one should definitely know his limit and play accordingly. Cheating at a casino should never be a reliable option.

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