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US Presidential elections will be held on Tuesday, November 8, 2016. The major political fight for the elections is in between two candidates. Hilary Clinton is the candidate of the Democratic National Convention and Donald Trump is the candidate of the Republican National Convention party. Both parties chose their candidates in the month of July 2016. Presidential polls and survey agencies already started predicting the next president of the USA.

These 2016 election are going to be historical due to some reasons. Many women tried for the nomination for the presidential elections, however, none of them got nominated from any major party. Hillary Rodham Clinton is the first woman to win the major party’s nomination in the history of US presidential elections. She is the wife of Ex-President Mr. Bill Clinton, who was the 42 President of USA and completed two terms as a president of the USA. Donald John Trump is a businessman and a controversial candidate for 2016 elections due to his Anti-Muslim speeches.

The whole world is watching towards the United States of America for the 2016 presidential elections. The USA elections are important not only for the USA, also for the whole world. They are not just the presidential elections for a country; it is the election of world most powerful country. Most of the US Presidential election opinion polls are predicting that Democratic National Convention candidate might win the US elections; however, these margins are low.

Presidential Polls As per Latest Trends

Poll Agencies Hillary Clinton (Democratic) Donald Trump (Republican) Lead
270 to Win 47.70% 39.10% 8.60%
Election Projection 47.00% 42.80% 4.20%
HuffPost Pollster 47.10% 39.70% 7.40%
New York Times 45.00% 40.00% 5.00%
Polltracker 46.80% 37.80% 9.00%
PurePolling 47.30% 41.20% 6.10%
Real Clear Politics 47.40% 40.60% 6.80%
Election Projection 43.40% 37.90% 5.50%
FiveThirtyEight 45.10% 37.50% 7.60%
HuffPost Pollster 44.50% 35.80% 8.70%
Polltracker 44.70% 37.00% 7.70%
New York Times 43.00% 38.00% 5.00%
Real Clear Politics 43.50% 36.80% 6.70%
270 to Win 44.70% 36.60% 8.10%
Election Projection 43.30% 38.30% 5.00%
PurePolling 43.70% 36.70% 7.00%
Polltracker 44.70% 37.00% 7.70%
Real Clear Politics 43.50% 36.90% 6.60%

We can check that most of the polls clearly predicting lead to Hilary Clinton over Donald Trump. If these polls are to be believed, then Hilary Clinton is going to make history by becoming first woman president of the USA. These survey polls are collected by various agencies. These are the latest 2016 presidential polls at the time of publishing this post. Some of them are online polls for presidential elections. These polls are surveyed on a small sample of voters and as per the latest trends and US Presidential results could be entirely different. We will update the trends of 2016 election frequently.

These are nationwide polls, you can read statewide poll on Wikipedia by clicking here.

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