Pondicherry Opinion Poll and Exit Poll 2016 – Latest Trends and Predictions

Pondicherry Exit Poll

Party Times Now-C Voter India Today
DMK+ 14 18
NRC 9 10
ADMK+ 5 1
Others 2 1
Total 30 30

Seats to Win 16

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As per latest exit polls, DMK+ is going to win the Puducherry legislative assembly elections. both the exit polls conducted by Times Now-C Voter and India Today All India N.R. Congress will lose 2016 assembly elections of 2016. 16 Seats are required to form the Government in Pondicherry.

80% Voter Turn Out in Puducherry (Very Good number).

Pondicherry Opinion Poll Conducted by Leading Media Channels (Pre Election)

Pollsters INC+DMK AINRC AIADMK BJP Other / IND Total Seats
Times Now CVoter 17 7 1 0 5 30
ABP News-Nielsen opinion/Exit poll 6 19 5 0 0 30

Polling for Pondicherry assembly elections had done 16 May 2016 and results will be declared on 19th May 2016. Leading media channels and media agencies of the nation have conducted a survey of voters of Puducherry to know the trends and predictions of elections. On the basis of these surveys, agencies have declared the Pondicherry opinion poll of 2016 assembly elections. 16 seats are required to form the government the assembly of Pondicherry.

Pondicherry Opinion Poll by Times Now C-Voter

Party Projected Seats vote %
INC+DMK 17 32.8
AINRC 7 24.8
AIADMK 1 11.8
BJP 0 8.6
Other 5 22
Total 30 100

According to Times Now C-Voter INC-DMK (Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam) alliance will win 17 seats out of 30 seats of Puducherry assembly. Current ruling party AINRC (All India N.R. Congress) will win only 7 seats and current Chief Minister N. Rangaswamy will lose their CM post. BJP will not able to win a single seat in Pondicherry elections according to the survey.

Pondicherry Opinion Poll by ABP News-Nielsen

Party/Alliance Seats
INC  5
DMK  1
Total Seats  30

ABP news-Neilson telling a different story, according to this opinion poll AINRC will again form the government in Pondicherry Vidhan Sabha elections. AINRC will win 19 seats out 30 seats; AIADMK (All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam) and Congress will able to win only 5 seats each. ABP-Neilson survey giving only 1 seat to DMK and 0 seats to BJP.

These are just the prediction of Puducherry assembly elections and results will be declared on 19th May (Thursday).

Pondicherry Assembly Election Results 2011

Political Party Name Seats
AINRC (All India N.R. Congress) 15
INC (Indian National Congress) 7
AIADMK (All IndiaAnna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam) 5
DMK (Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam) 2
Independent (IND) 1
Total 30

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