Assam Exit Poll 2016 – Prediction and Trends

Assam Exit Poll

Parties Times Now- C Voter AAJ Tak Axis Newsx – Chanakya ABP – Nielsen
INC  37-45 26-33 27 33
AIUDF  14-27  6-10  9  10
BJP+  53-61  79-93 90  81
Others/IND  6-14  1-4 0  2

Total seats in Assam 126; Required to form the government 64

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All of the exit polls are predicting that BJP alliance is going to win comfortably in Assam assembly elections. News-X Chanakya exit poll is predicting that BJP will be going to win 90 seats in Assam elections 2016. Axis-Aaj Tak gave 80-90 seats to BJP and ABP – Nielsen gave around 80 seats to BJP. This is a good news for the BJP alliance and bad news for INC.

Assam Opinion Poll Conducted by Different Media Channels

Channels/Survey BJP+ Congress AIUDF Others/IND Total Seats
AVC Media Agency 35 40 25  26 126
India TV-C Voter 55 53 12 6 126
ABP-Neilsen 78 36 10 2 126
News Nation 50 54 13 9 126
C-Voter 57 44 19 6 126

The assembly elections in Assam has already taken place on April 4 and 11 2016. The voting was done on all 126 seats. 64 seats are required to form the government. The results of Assam assembly elections will be declared on 19th May 2016. Various news channels and media houses have already conducted their opinion polls. Opinion polls are surveys taken on a number of people to get an idea about the results of the elections. Assam opinion polls are unable to predict a clear winner, have a look at leading election surveys.

Assam Opinion Polls Survey: CVoter-India TV

Cvoter – India TV opinion poll survey predicts that BJP ( Bhartiya Janta Party) led alliance will bag 57 seats. Whereas ruling party Indian National Congress (INC) is expected to win 44 seats, which is not a good sign for them. AIUDF (All Indian United Democratic Front) is expected to win 19 seats this time, Others may win 6 sets. The survey doesn’t bring out that none of the party is expected to win the election with a clear majority.

Party/Alliance Seat Projection Seat Share %
Congress 53 36.9
BJP+ 55 35.3
AIUDF 12 12.1
Others 6 15.1

Assam Opinion Poll: ABP-Nielsen

This forecast suggests that there is a chance of BJP led alliance winning these assembly elections. The BJP and its alliances are expected to win 78 seats, which is a clear majority. The ruling party Congress will get only 36 seats, which is far less than 78 seats which they won in last elections. The AIUDF may win over 10 seats and the others will bag only 2 seats.

Party Projected Seats
Congress 36
BJP+ 78
Others 2

Assam Opinion Poll: Media Agency AVC

Media agency AVC has also conducted their opinion poll surveys to predict the winner in Assam assembly elections. The survey suggests that BJP led alliance (BJP+AGP+BPF) will win around 52-54 seats, which is not enough to emerge as a ruling party. Congress, on the other hand, is expected to win only 40 seats, which is not a good sign for the party. AIUDF is expected to win 25 seats which will make them the deciding factor. The scenario seems to be complex and we can’t predict a clear winner out of it.

Party Seat Projection
Indian National Congress (INC) 40
Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) 32-35
All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) 25
Asom Gana Parishad (AGP) 8 to 10
Bodoland People’s Front (BPF) 8 to 9

Assam Opinion Polls: News Nation

The Assam opinion polls conducted by News €nations predicts that this we will not see a clear winner this time. The BJP led alliance may win 54-58 seats and congress will manage to get 50-54 seats. This won’t allow any of the party to acquire the majority of votes if the survey is to be believed. The end results will be in the remaining party and they will have the privilege to decide the ruling party for this term. The AIUDF is expected to win 13-17 seats while others will take 2-4 seats.

Party Projected Seats
Congress 54
BJP+ 50
All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) 13
Others 9

Assam Opinion Polls: C-Voter

C-Voter opinion poll predicts that congress will win a share of 44 seats out of total 126 seats. BJP led alliance will be winners on 57 seats. AIUDF might be winning the 19 seats and the others will score 6 seats. This assembly survey indicates that it will be a tough task to decide the winner of these elections. None of the parties will get the majority in this election. Assam election results will be really interesting.

Party Projected Seats
Congress 44
BJP-AGP alliance 57
UDF 19
Other 6

These are just election predictions and should not be taken seriously because the voters’ ballot will only decide the results of Assam assembly elections.

Assam Assembly Election Results 2011

In 2011 Assam assembly elections, Indian National Congress (INC) won the 78 seats comfortably and his main political rival BJP managed to win only 5 seats. So it will be interesting to see whether Congress able to secure his power in the state or some new party will challenge them.

Party Name Seats
Indian National Congress (INC)  78
Assam United Democratic Front (AUDF) 18
Bodoland Peoples Front 12
Asom Gana Parishad (AGP) 10
Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) 5
All India Trinamool Congress (AITC) 1
Independent (IND) 2
Total 126

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