Madhya Pradesh Opinion Poll 2018, Predictions and Survey Reports

Polls in Madhya Pradesh are due in 2018 and election are expected to held in the end of this year. The election commission expected to announce election schedule in couple of months. Some news agencies already conducted MP opinion polls and announced their predictions of 2018 Madhya Pradesh elections. Opinion polls generally conducted on a small portion of voters of multiple constituencies to know the mood. As elections are coming close, many pollsters will share their opinion polls to predict the winner of upcoming assembly elections. Rajasthan assembly election prediction polls are also shared by many reputed news agencies.

Madhya Pradesh Opinion and election Poll Predictions
Madhya Pradesh Opinion and election Poll Predictions

Latest ABP News C Voter Opinion Poll

ABP News released an opinion poll on the eve of 13 August 2018. Congress is leading in the state if opinion polls are believed. Shivraj Singh is the current CM of the state and MP is ruled by the BJP government from last 15 years. Congress is trying their best to remove BJP from the state and access the key of MP Vidhan Sabha. MP opinion poll of ABP and C voter is showing a close contest between both the parties. MP assembly has 230 seats and 115 are required to won the elections and form government in the state. This survey is projecting 117 seats to Congress and 106 seats to BJP. Hence, independent or minor parties can play a crucial role at the time of government formation with the help of 7 seats. MP election prediction is forecasting 41.7 vote share to Congress and 40.1 share to BJP. Other will bag remaining 18.2 vote share.

Party 2018 Projections 2018 Vote Share % 2013 Results 2013 Vote Share %
BJP 106 40.1 165 44.9
INC 117 41.7 58 36.4
Others 7 18.2 7 18.7
Total Seats 230 230

MP Opinion Poll Times Now

Times Now news channel released their MP elections prediction in the last month of April 2018. As per their survey BJP is going to win 2018 assembly elections comfortably. Bharatiya Janata Party is ruling in the state from last 3 terms (15 years) and as per the poll 4th term will also won by them with a minor loss of 7 seats as compared to 2013 elections. On the other hand no good news for Congress as per the Times Now Poll. INC sat tally can be increased by 7 seats as compared to last polls.

Party Name Predictions Seats in 2013
BJP 153 165
Congress 58 58
BSP 12 4
Others 7 3

Above survey was conducted on 42550 voters of all 230 assembly constituencies from 15 March to 20 April 2018. As per the election forecast, Shivraj Singh Chauhan is most famous CM candidate with a vote share of 61%. Jyotiraditya Scindia is on 2nd spot with a vote share of 17%. MP assembly has 230 seats and 116 seats are required to win and form the government in the state.

MP Opinion Poll by IBC24

A news channel named IBC 24 also announced an opinion poll for upcoming Madhya Pradesh assemble elections. Channel conducted this survey on 15000+ voters of all the constituencies of the state. As per their survey, Indian National Congress will be the biggest party of the state and won 119 seats out of 230. BJP might be on 2nd spot with 101 seats. Jyotiraditya Scindia is the most famous face for CM with 37% vote and current Chief Minister of state Mr. Shivraj Singh Chauhan is on 2nd spot with 31% share. They also shared the region wise predictions and we shared the same below.

Party Name IBC 24 Predictions
Congress 119
BJP 101
Others 10

Region Wise Predictions

Party Chambal Malwa Nimar Mahakaushal Bundelkhand Baghelkhand
Congress 17 37 36 11 18
BJP 15 34 30 12 10
Others 2 0 3 3 20
Total 34 71 69 26 30


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  • December 7, 2018 at 15:41

    Rajasthan would not be retained by BJP & the tally of BJP would be below 100 seats but this is not going to effect forth coming Lok Sabha Election in 2019. BJP would retain Centre for sure. As far as MP & Chhatisgarh is concerned, these two states would be retained by BJP. In Madhya Pradesh BJP would not touch of 165 number of last election but they would be able to het 125-135 seats & in Chhatisgarh it would get majority.


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