Three Unique Places to Visit in India

Over the last few years, India’s tourism figures have grown. The India Brand Equity Foundation reports that foreign tourist arrival figures achieved a 3.2 percent year-on-year growth rate in 2019. Since then, the South Asian country has maintained its status as a go-to destination for globetrotting travelers. So, aside from the rich culture, why should you visit India? Well, here are three-must visit places that should show you exactly why this beautiful country ought to be on your list of dream destinations.

Ajanta Caves

Those looking for some of the most spectacular locations that India has to offer should look no further than the Ajanta Caves. Located in the Maharashtra state, the world heritage site’s roots date back to the 2nd century BC. According to Know India, the 29 caves are famous for being one of the earliest forms of Buddhist architecture and, unlike the Ellora caves, are known for their wall paintings.

While travelers are free to visit the Ajanta Caves independently, many available tours offer a complete, in-depth experience. Through Viator, a three-day guided tour of the Aurangabad-based location costs around $576.73. However, this depends on the group size. Day tours are also on offer for approximately $50.

Lingaraja Temple

Aside from the Ajanta Caves, those visiting India should also head for the Lingaraja Temple in Bhubaneswar. Regarded as the oldest and tallest temple in the Odisha capital, Maha Shivratri writes that the Lingaraja was built in the 6th century before later being redeveloped in the 11th century. To date, the temple still hosts various festivals, including the Ratha Yatra.

What makes this destination unique among others is that throughout the years, several missions in the Lara Croft series have taken place in the country. For example, the franchise’s protagonist delves deep into an Indian tomb looking for the Infada Stone in Tomb Raider.

Alwar Fort

Tourists looking to travel back in time and get a feel for India’s history can visit the Alwar Fort in Rajasthan. According to Musafir, Emperor Jehangir sought refuge at this location, and it’s believed that there’s still hidden treasure waiting to be discovered. At the fort, travelers can take in the surrounding scenery as the famous structure overlooks the Aravali hills.

Since being built in the 15th century, the fort still stands at an elevation of 1,000 feet, as per Bala Quila Alwar. Much like the Ajanta Caves, travelers can peruse the spot with a tour guide. Furthermore, selected guides also include transport, which takes the hassle out of visiting this remarkable location.

There’s Something for Everyone in India

Whether you’re adventurously visiting some of India’s oldest temples or exploring 2nd-century caves in Aurangabad, India has a spot to entertain every visitor. With breathtaking architecture and historical backstories, there are several must-visit locations throughout the country for those planning a getaway in the near future.

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