Matka Gambling — Easy to learn — Impossible to Master

India is a faraway land, which is very popular in the tourist industry around the world. Most peoples know about:

  • The impressive Indian Culture.
  • The Ultimate religion.
  • The incredible Nature.
  • The awesome beaches.

And all things which are listed, are cool things that are worth spending your time on visiting India. But what about really exotic things?

Are you ready to dive into the weirdest gambling attraction, which doesn’t exist anywhere else except in India? It’s called Satta Matka, and it can send you new emotions.

So if you are looking for something spicy that you can’t feel anywhere else, you have to visit India and Play Satta Matka, or you can do this exactly by the World Wide Web.

Short history

The Satta Matka is something between classical gambling and betting. This game is an impressive part of the English colonial age. Yeah. All we know about these sad pages of history. But English people are leaving India, and Gambling is staying here.

So when England put the India Cotton exchange. Many Indian people, who weren’t traders tries to guess the final bid of Cotton on the market.

And they bet with each other on the prices. So as you see, this gambling practice is much closer to real trading and has something in common with Roulette, and binary options. But the devil hides in details.

When the London people are left and closed the cotton exchange, people struggled to find another way to continue their games. And one famous Indian — Ratan Hatri, invented the classical Matka rules…

Simply about rules

Classical Matka rules are about stock exchange imitation.

We imagine some fake products, playing cards, and their bids. We put all the items to the Matka: great Pitcher. After all, one person draws a chit and declares the winning numbers.

Feel like you are viewing something very usual? Of course, because European loto practice is very close to Satta Matka. But the time has gone, and the rules between classical loto and Matka variation now are very far from each other.

Current rules are much simpler than they were about half a century ago. Now all you have to do is just:

  • choose the three numbers, between 0 and 9.
  • The Dealer will summarize these numbers, and put the 2nd of them to the end.
  • Now you can bid these numbers to the bank.

That’s all.

Instead of Conclusion — What makes Matka Great Again?

With all those simple rules, what makes this business great, and worthy to each Western human who’ll visit India to play?

There Are some reasons.

First and primal: Matka is very unusual for all of us.

Second, and still essential: Satta Matka gives you a good chance to win.

Third, you can’t find this attraction anywhere else.

Today, Matka migrates to the Internet. But on the internet, much better will be more classical gambling attractions, like The cause why the Kalyan chart is better than classical Matka is simple: it’s adapted to the internet reality, and much more interesting with all those unusual combinations, and incredible variations.
So if you want to touch the real Indian Gambling industry, and feel the smell of spiced ardor, you have to play Satta Matka at least once in your life!

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