How to make Real Money In Online Roulette game with Big Number Strategy

Gambling and betting have been among the most prominent games throughout human history. One of the most popular forms of gambling is roulette. Millions of people play this roulette online for real money, but few understand how it works.

Several roulette game strategies exist, but which is the best? Well, it depends on how you play. A strategy that works for you might not work for someone else. Some strategies require a bigger bankroll, while others involve conservative bets. You can learn roulette strategies in a few minutes, but to understand how they work, you must practice for a few hours. Try practicing roulette online at Yolo247 today!

This article provides a detailed insight into big number roulette tips, strategies, and how it works.

Online Roulette Real Money – Gambling Tricks and Systems

How do gambling systems and gambling tricks differ? Not much. Gambling systems are a more complicated approach to a game like roulette. A roulette trick is a shorter, simpler method of approaching a game.

Big Number Roulette Game Strategy

A Big Number roulette strategy is one of the best roulette tricks. In this strategy, you bet directly on the chosen number or numbers.

What do you always see on any roulette scoreboard that displays the last 20 numbers that hit? Repetition of numbers. It’s not unusual; it’s a part of any random game, like roulette. It is common for numbers to repeat, even after 20 spins.

A Big Number roulette trick involves betting the number that has been a repeater. In cases where more than one number is present, you bet on each one separately.

How Much to Bet on a Roulette Game

You bet whatever is your normal bet on that one number. Bet on all repeaters if there is more than one number; three repeating numbers are very rare.

Consider the following if you are betting on multiple big numbers:

  • Try to divide the betting amounts so that you are not wagering more than what is usually a single bet
  • For example, a $50 player might want to split his bet into two $25 bets.

Bets on Big Number Roulette – How Long do You Play?

  • The Big Number roulette trick involves betting with the scoreboard.
  • Stop betting on a number once it disappears from the scoreboard.
  • In the absence of a repeater, don’t bet until one appears.
  • Not betting on certain rounds does take a degree of discipline on the part of players, but it saves you money.
  • A no bet cannot affect the house edge in any way.

Negative Betting on Big Numbers

Do roulette players prefer to bet against numbers that have already hit? How about betting on numbers that have not yet appeared on the scoreboard?

Despite being valid, these harmful betting methods fall into a different category. This is a positive betting strategy in which you play the numbers on the scoreboard rather than against them. And it is much simpler than the negative category. Here the player must keep track of the numbers that aren’t on the scoreboard yet, requiring a notebook and pen.

How many of these numbers have not hit or repeated have you bet on? You may find it challenging to respond to this question.

Say a particular number appears only once, but another appears twice. Is there a difference between the two? The number repeated more than once might appeal to some players. The bankroll can be at risk if you make such large bets, and you can just bet on the repeating numbers once.

Betting more money does not increase your chances of winning. Over time, you will lose more as you earn more. You certainly make more money if a number with more cash hits, but that doesn’t mean the house will win less over time. As you wager more, the house edge grinds away at your bankroll.

Regardless of what betting trick or system you use, you cannot change the fundamental mathematics of roulette. You always have a 1 in 38 chance of hitting your number on an American double-zero wheel. And you have a 1-in-37 chance of a European single-zero wheel. Betting methods do not change those probabilities.

More Big Number Roulette Strategies

In this game, players do not have to place straight bets on the numbers, and there can be a long wait for a number to hit on the American double-zero wheels. And this can discourage some players.

European single-zero wheels are almost twice as good as American double-zero wheels. 2.7% is the house edge on the European single-zero wheel, and the house edge on the American double-zero wheel is 5.26%. Think about playing single-zero wheels whenever you have the option.

To avoid straight-up betting, you can make outside bets such as red/black, odd/even, high/low, 1st Dozen, 2nd Dozen, or 3rd dozen. As a result, you reduce the possibility of long waiting periods between decisions. For many players, frequent hits make the game more enjoyable. It is possible to combine these bets in various ways. Even straight-up and outside bets might be fun!

“This” and “That” on Big Number Roulette Game

Scoreboards show that ten has repeated. This number is black, an even number, and a low number (1-18 are low numbers, 19-36 are high numbers). Ten is also an inside dozen number.

If 10 is the repeater, you have some options. They are,

  • Make a black bet that pays one-to-one
  • Bet on an even number with a one-to-one payout
  • Bet low numbers that pay out one-to-one
  • Place an inside dozen bet with a two-to-one payout.

You can also make a combination of the above bets, or even all of them! A truly aggressive player might also bet straight up on the number and would aggressively place five bets.

Having five bets seems overboard since you are wagering a lot of money. A few of the propositions may appeal to you. Don’t throw too much money at once into the game to avoid losing money. As long as your minimum bet is $50, you could break up a single wager into five units – say a $50 wager into $10 each.

Some Precautions:

Here are some obvious problems with betting on outside propositions.

  • When you have two big numbers of different colors, you don’t bet red or black
  • It is not a good idea to bet on a proposition if you have two big numbers, one high and one low
  • In a case where you have two big numbers on two dozen lines, you just bet one of them or the other
  • You can also spread out your betting on the inside numbers. This is something you can create for yourself.

Caution on Big Number Roulette Strategy

The thrill of gambling is combined with a sense of fear. The fear of losing always helps in studying the games to discover the best ways to win. All players need to incorporate fear into their game. Fear produces these good products:

  • Never Bet Too Much at One Time

The more money you bet, the greater is the chance of bad luck. Keep your pace slow. Your money is the result of your hard work.

  • Never Increase Bets to Compensate Loss.

This is known as “going on tilt” and has hurt many players. Tilting is a surefire way to get destroyed during a bad session. Feeling rotten? Quit that session and do something else. You can always play other games. Today, there are probably more casinos than ever before.

  • Plan Budget Wisely

If you lose, make sure you have enough money in your bankroll not to get upset. Use the equation for large bankrolls and small bets. Losses hurt less when you have a larger bankroll.

  • Separate your Finances

Keep your gambling money in a separate bank account. Don’t mix your daily-living money with your play money. Your gambling account can grow by making deposits. You can also put your wins in it!

  • The combination of Math & Luck

It is the business of casinos to make money. To beat the players, they have structured their games mathematically. With time, the casino’s math will defeat the player’s luck. On the other hand, casinos do not rely on luck to win. They count on math; luck does not play a role in their system.


Big number roulette is a strategy that provides a planned and organized approach to the casino. This strategy helps in playing online roulette real money games. It is not guaranteed that you will win every time. But in general, you can earn some decent money. The goal is to have fun playing a game you enjoy, not make money. Also, never risk money you can’t afford to lose, as losses are still possible. You now know the tricks of big number roulette with the strategies discussed above. You can start winning at roulette on any casino site like Yolo247!

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