Calculator Cryptocurrency: How To Find Out The Current Crypto Prices?

Efficient and successful crypto trading requires fast and reliable crypto exchange, which would offer a convenient crypto coin calculator. This tool is essential because it allows users to quickly get the current crypto rates and convert coins among themselves in a matter of minutes. Which cryptocurrency calculator is better? Let’s discuss it.

WhiteBIT Calculator

WhiteBIT is the largest crypto platform operating in Europe. It has many advantages over other popular exchanges, for example, beginner traders find it much more convenient than Binance. Other WhiteBIT’s advantages are on the list below:

  • The interface is offered in two versions – basic and advanced. So a user may pick a basic option if one is only beginning trading and needs time to handle the tools.
  • The crypto coin calculator is fairly easy to understand. It has space where users should pick the asset to sell and one to buy. The calculator will display the real-time rate and the transaction fee.
  • The platform is custodial. It stores clients’ funds in a reliable place – 96% of the money is kept offline, unreachable to third parties.
  • Every user may configure a two-factor authentication to protect one’s account.
  • The exchange allows for buying crypto with fiat currencies and converting crypto to fiat to withdraw funds to a bank card.
  • Over 450 trading pairs are offered on WhiteBIT.
  • Futures, margin, p2p, spot markets are available. Leverage is up to X20.
  • The fee is fixed at 0,10%, and it does not change no matter what tool you use.
  • The platform offers its token WBT, which brings discounts on trading fees and additional earning options for its holders.
  • Crypto lending is available in over 40 plans.

If you want to try yourself in trading, you may use the WhiteBIT demo tokens and practice buying and selling crypto using the cryptocurrency calculator. For more information on trading, visit the WhiteBIT blog.

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