Best Card Games in Online Casino | Top 3 for Indian Players

When we think of the best card games in online casinos, particularly in India, Teen Patti tops the list. Other than this, is there any other game closely related to Indian custom or anything to do with Indian roots? Is there a card game with simple rules and high profits? Is there an online casino card game for real money?

Yes. There are many other games, developed as an answer to these questions. Let’s explore the top 3 card games if you start real money gambling.

Card Games in Online Casino

In an online casino, primarily, there are game-related categories: slots, dice games, card games, crash games, arcade and race games. Card games are the most popular choice among these categories for any online betting enthusiast.

The key reasons for the popularity of card games include:

  • Players’ familiarity with the cards
  • Easier to understand for anyone
  • Basics remain the same for all games
  • Varied betting options are available

Top 3 Card Games in Online Casino

As all the players, both beginners and professionals, are aware of Teen Patti, we have excluded that from our list. It is duly noted that Teen Patti has a huge fan base.

Let’s look at the lesser-known but highly profitable and interesting card games.

Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is an interesting and entertaining card game. It is available in most online casinos. Though it has its origins in East Asian countries, the Dragon Tiger game is well-received in India.

The game rules of Dragon vs Tiger game are uncomplicated:

  • There will be two options to bet on: Dragon Box or Tiger Box
  • These two boxes will receive one card each.
  • You have to guess which box will get the higher-value card.
  • If you place bets on the Dragon box and it gets the higher value card, you win.
  • Your bet amount, along with the winning amount, will be credited to your wallet.
  • Then, the next round begins.

In this game, you need to focus on the historical data to analyze which box has the highest number of wins and place bets accordingly.

In addition to these two options, there is one more lucrative bet: Tie Bet. The payouts for this bet are higher, while the odds are lower.

Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar has various versions. In online casinos, the basic rules of Andar Bahar Game are similar. Let’s have a look at the standard game flow of this game.

  • The dealer will place a card in the centre. Let’s assume that this card is 3 of Hearts.
  • There are two options to bet on: Andar or Bahar.
  • You have to guess whether the Number 3 will land on Andar or Bahar
  • If you make the right guess, you will win.

In some special versions of Andar Bahar, you get a chance to place bets twice in the same round. So, your chances of winning get doubled.


It is the simplest card game in any online casino. Hi Lo game is about predicting whether the next card will be higher than the current one.

  • A card will be placed in the centre.
  • Before drawing the next card, you can choose whether the next card will be higher or lower.
  • If your place your bets accordingly and your guess is correct, you win.

HiLo game is not a game of rounds because it is a series. How long you play is based on your preference. You can cash out at the end of the first guess itself, or you can go further to win more with higher odds.

Concluding Thoughts

These top 3 card games rule the online casino world. Once you master the rules, play the demo version and start placing your bets.

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