Hanumangarhi Temple Ayodhya Timings, Directions, Information

Hanumangarhi is a lord Hanuman Temple located in Ayodhya, India. It is dedicated to God Hanuman and one of the most important temple of holy city. Ayodhya is the Birth Land of Lord Ram and it is a holy city situated on the banks of Saryu River. It is most popular temple of Pawansut Hanuman ji in Northern India. Temple is spread in 52 bigha area and 76 step stairs which leads you to main temple. The temple is built like a fort structure.

Main Hanuman Temple Hanuman Garhi
Main Hanuman Temple Hanuman Garhi

As per believe and popular custom devotees visits Hanuman Garhi Mandir before visiting visiting the Ram Janma Bhoomi. This temple was built in 10th century. In temple young Hanuman sitting in his mother lap Anjani. Hanumanji is known as the protector of Ramkot. As per believes Hanuman JI lives in a cave here and protects the Ayodhya. Anjani Putra Hanuman is the greatest devotee of God Ram and people visit Hanumangarhi before visiting the Ram Janma Bhoomi Temple.

Major Festivals

Hanuman Jayanti and Ram Navami are the major festivals of Hanumangarhi Mandir. Diwali and Dussehra are also celebrated here. People from all over the country visits here during the festivals. The wishes of devotees get fulfilled here in the holy temple.

Hanuman Garhi Timings, Aarti Timings

Timings of Hanumangarhi Mandir is 5 AM to 11 PM. People can Darshan to Hanuman ji during 5 AM to 11 PM and baeutiful Aarti are also performed as per the aarti timings. During the festivals and every Tuesday many pilgrims came here to offer their prayers and it gets crowded.

How to Reach Hanuman Garhi

Ayodhya is well connected all over the country through rail, road and air. Lucknow and Varanasi airports are nearest from this city. Lucknow is 135 and Varanasi is 200 KM far. Rest of the journey can be covered through rail and road. Ayodhya airport is also located near the temple however connectivity is an issue from here.

Ayodhya Junction is the nearest railway station from the temple and it is 1.5 KM far from here. Rest of the journey can be covered through 20 minute walk of 10 minute drive. Government is developing the infrastructure of Ayodhya Railway Station and before the completion of temple the station development work would be completed. We are hoping that till 2023 it has very good connectivity with all parts of country. Faizabad Junction is another railway station which is 9 KM from here.

Holy city Ayodhya has good connection with all cities of country through highways. People can reach here via roadways bus or via self drive.

Parking is available near the temple and shoes can be taken outside the temple. Camera is not permitted inside the temple. stairs are steep and old people might face difficulties in climbing them.

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