Nandyal Exit Poll and Who Will Win Nandyal By Elections 2017

After the completion of Nandyal by election 2017 peacefully people are people are searching for Nandyal exit poll 2017. Election commission has put ban on publishing Nandyal opinion poll till the completion of voting in Nandyal assembly constituency. Now voting has been completed successfully. Till now few exit polls of Nandyal has been announced by survey agencies. Exit polls try to predict the winner by doing a survey on small sample of voters.

About Nandyal Assembly Constituency

Around 80% voters have used their votes to cast their votes in Nandyal by polls 2017. A massive voter turnout recorded in this assembly. In last elections which were held in 2014, Bhuma Nagi Reddy of YSRC got 82194 votes. He defeated Silpa Mohan Reddy of TDP by 3604 votes. Silpa Mohan Reddy managed to got 78590 votes. This time time is also main competition is between YSRC and TDP. We are also want to know who will win the Nandyal by elections 2017. The final answer of this question will be delivered by election commission on 28th August 2017 after counting of the votes polled by Nandyal electors.

Generally reputed survey agencies conduct an opinion poll of elections are held on large number of seats. This time by polls are happening on only 4 seats of assembly. These seats are Nandyal. Bawana, Valpoi and Panji. Nandyal recorded highest voter turnout, while Bawana Delhi recorded lowest turnout of 45% only. Generally a highest turnout gives a chance of high competition both the parties are confident enough of their win.

Nandyal By Election Exit Poll by Lagadapati

Right after the completion of Nandyal by election polling, Lagadapati Rajagopal declared his exit poll. He has predicted election results with very good accuracy, in the past. As per his opinion, TDP will be the winner of these by elections with their candidate Bhuma Brahmananda Reddy. Whereas YSRCP candidate Shilpa Mohan Reddy is expected to lose in these semifinal of Andhra Padesh election, 2019. As per Lagadapati exit polls 2017, TDP will win with majority of between 10,000 to 20,000 votes. As per previous elections, Lagadapati exit polls has never been incorrect and hence people trust his predictions and opinion polls.

Nandyal By Election Exit Poll by Vankaya

Vankaya has also shared their exit polls, on 2 4 August. As per Nandyal By Election Exit Poll by Vankaya, it will be very close competition. Winner will be decided with a small margin and it will be in favour of YSRCP. Their survey suggests that YSRCP will win these elections, leaving TDP behind with 2-3% of vote margin. YSRCP might bag 48% votes, whereas TDP will get only 46% votes. The win will be decided by 5500-6000 votes, and this doesn’t look like a good sign for TDP. Gosapadu mandal is an area of YSRCP supporters and it recorded very high voting of 92 percent. This may become a deciding factor of Nandyal by polls . The winner will be having high confidence for the upcoming Andhra elections, which will happen in 2019.

Take Part in Nandyal Exit Poll

[yop_poll id=”10″]
We have created this exit poll for just knowing the mood of voters and to know who will win the elections of Nandyal. This poll is created on the morning of 24 August as per the guidelines of election commission. Take part in the poll and cast your vote to your favorite party. You can also submit your comments to share your opinions. The final results will be declared and 28th August Monday.

As per our poll data till 11 AM 26 August 2017, total 600 people has voted in the poll. Put of 600 votes, 376 people voted for YSRC and 222 people voted for TDP. One vote is went under the account of INC and other candidate. This online poll is available for all and this is not claiming the winning of any party or candidate. Actual results will be declared on coming Monday.

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