Chief Ministers of Gujarat

Gujarat has always been important to Indian culture and politics. There were total 15 Chief Ministers in Gujarat. Jivraj Narayan Mehta was appointed as first Chief Minister of Gujarat on May 1, 1960. Gujarat has seen development during the tenure of various Chief Ministers of Gujarat.

List of Chief Ministers of Gujarat

The list presented below is showing the Chief Ministers of Gujarat appointed till now. CM name with tenure and party name is showing in table.

S. No. Name of Chief Ministers From To Party Name
1 Jivraj Narayan Mehta 1-May-60 3-Mar-62 INC
2 Jivraj Narayan Mehta 3-Mar-62 19-Sep-63 INC
3 Balwantrai Mehta 19-Sep-63 20-Sep-65 INC
4 Hitendra K Desai 20-Sep-65 3-Apr-67 INC
5 Hitendra K Desai 3-Apr-67 6-Apr-71 INC
6 Hitendra K Desai 7-Apr-71 12-May-71 INC
President’s Rule 12-May-71 17-Mar-72 NA
7 Ghanshyam Oza 17-Mar-72 17-Jul-73 INC
8 Chimanbhai Patel 18-Jul-73 9-Feb-74 INC
President’s Rule 9-Feb-74 18-Jun-75
9 Babubhai J. Patel 18-Jun-75 12-Mar-76 Janata Front (INC(O) + BJS+ BLD + SP)
President’s rule 12-Mar-76 24-Dec-76 NA
10 Madhav Singh Solanki 24-Dec-76 10-Apr-77 INC
11 Babubhai J. Patel 11-Apr-77 17-Feb-80 JNP
President’s Rule 17-Feb-80 7-Jun-80 JNP
12 Madhav Singh Solanki 7-Jun-80 10-Mar-85 INC
13 Madhav Singh Solanki 11-Mar-85 6-Jul-85 INC
14 Amarsinh Chaudhary 6-Jul-85 9-Dec-89 INC
15 Madhav Singh Solanki 10-Dec-89 4-Mar-90 INC
16 Chimanbhai Patel 4-Mar-90 25-Oct-90 JD(G) + JD + BJP
17 Chimanbhai Patel 25-Oct-90 17-Feb-94 JD(G) + JD + INC
18 Chhabildas Mehta 17-Feb-94 14-Mar-95 INC
19 Keshubhai Patel 14-Mar-95 21-Oct-95 BJP
20 Suresh Mehta 21-Oct-95 19-Sep-96 BJP
President’s Rule 19-Sep-96 23-Oct-96 NA
21 Shankersinh Vaghela 23-Oct-96 27-Oct-97 RJD
22 Dilip Parikh 28-Oct-97 4-Mar-98 RJD
23 Keshubhai Patel 4-Mar-98 6-Oct-01 BJP
24 Narendra Modi 7-Oct-01 22-Dec-02 BJP
25 Narendra Modi 22-Dec-02 22-Dec-07 BJP
26 Narendra Modi 23-Dec-07 20-Dec-12 BJP
27 Narendra Modi 20-Dec-12 22-May-14 BJP
28 Anandiben Patel Ghatlodiya 22-May-14 5-Aug-16 BJP
29 Vijay Rupani 7-Aug-16 Incumbent BJP

First CM of Gujarat was Mr. Jivraj Narayan Mehta and Current CM of Gujarat is Mr. Vijay Rupani of Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP). Mr. Narendra Modi served the longest tenure as Chief Minister of Gujarat.

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