Excel In Microsoft 365 Through Microsoft MS-101 Exam And Its Related Practice Tests

Advancing your administrative skills to the next level will bring you to higher places. And for this reason, professionals always take the opportunity of validating their skills. With the Microsoft Mobility and Security exam, better known as the Microsoft MS-101, professionals are on their way to becoming enterprise administrator experts. They are the ones responsible for supervising all the administrative aspects of Microsoft 365. So, if you are thrilled by just the idea of it, this may be the sign you are looking for! Go over the information below to enlighten you more on how to become an expert and excel in Microsoft 365:

  • Earning the basic requirements

In any certification exam, always check whether you need to accomplish certain requirements first prior to be eligible for your prospect path. As for the route of becoming an administrator expert, there are five prerequisites you may choose from. After which, you have to take both the MS-100 (Microsoft 365 Identity and Services) and Microsoft Certifications Exams (Microsoft 365 Mobility and Security) tests. Having completed all these, you can then get the title of a Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert.

  • Zooming in on the MS-101 certification exam

To ace the Microsoft MS-101 evaluation, having a practical understanding of Microsoft 365 workloads will serve as an advantage. And for that, the best candidates for this certification test are enterprise administrators of Microsoft 365 that are dealing with its services. It is also imperative that one must have the experience of being an administrator for at best one Microsoft 365 workload as well as having a comprehension of networking, IT fundamentals, and server administration.

  • Anticipating what the main test looks like

There’s no room for slacking off when diving into the certification path. You have to prepare yourself with the same enthusiasm and determination as you had with the prior MS-100 exam. For the Microsoft MS-101, what you will be working on are your skills in dealing with the features of Microsoft 365 mobility and security. Plus, a big portion of the actual evaluation tackles modern device service implementation, followed by some concepts on Microsoft 365 governance & compliance. Next, around 20-25% of the Microsoft Certifications will assess your mastery regarding security and threat management.

  • Optimizing quality resources

Know that Microsoft 365 stays up to date to the changing needs and dynamic evolution of software-based services. Thus, always check for any changes reflected in the certification exam. With the downloadable test outline, you can easily browse through the skills covered and work your way through them. In terms of preparation, the official practice test is provided on the Microsoft website while several renowned third-party platforms also have some reliable practice tests to help you prepare for the MS-101. Aside from that, there are other options that you can make use of to enhance your learning, from books to online courses to video tutorials, etc.


Being well-versed with Microsoft 365 and its services will come in handy as you take the Microsoft MS-101 exam. It gauges one’s understanding of the mobility and security aspects of Microsoft 365. Furthermore, it helps hone your technical skills in preparation for the real-world scenarios of your day-to-day job. So, opt for some quality practice tests found on the internet and conquer such an evaluation! Good luck!

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