Why Does IPL 2023 Have 10 Teams?

Indian Premier League or IPL is the most popular franchise cricket tournament in the world. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) conducts this tournament each year in March, April, and May. The tournament was first held in the year 2008 and since then there is no looking back as the tournament is getting bigger with the passing of each year.

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When the tournament started in the year 2008, it featured 8 teams, but now the teams have been increased to 10. The winner of the tournament is decided through a final and to reach the final, each team must play 14 matches, and based on those 14 games, the top four teams qualify for the Playoffs.

What are Playoffs?

Playoffs are the second stage of the tournament where the top four teams based on the points in the league matches, they have played is decided. There are three matches played in the Playoffs, where two matches are qualifiers, whereas one match is an eliminator. The playoff fixtures are held as follows:

  • Qualifier 1 – Top two teams, which are ranked at first and second positions play each other, and the winner goes directly to the final.
  • Eliminator – The eliminator is played between the teams that are ranked at third and fourth position in the points table and the winner goes to qualifier 2 to play with the losing team of qualifier 1.
  • Qualifier 2 – The winner of the eliminator and loser of the qualifier 1 play each other and the winner of this qualifier goes to the final.

In the end, the winner of Qualifier 1 and Qualifier 2 play each to decide the winner of the IPL trophy. From 2022 onwards, the team count has been increased to 10; however, each team still plays 14 matches and the top four teams among the 10 competing teams qualify for the playoffs. It is the popularity of this league that has made the organizers increase the teams to 10 and there’s no need to surprise if you will see more than 10 teams competing in the IPL tournament in the coming years.

The good thing is that IPL is regarded as the toughest and most entertaining cricket tournament in the world. The world’s best players play in this tournament and in return they get paid hundreds of millions. Just in case you think only the players and the organizers earn money from the tournament, then it is not true as the sponsors do earn handsomely.

Even you can win handsome money from this tournament. You will surely want to know how? So, the answer is through cricket betting where you can win big by investing only a small amount. All you must do is use your cricket knowledge to the best and if your team matches with the winning team, you will win big.

However, it does not mean that you will put all your money into betting because other than winning, one thing that can happen to you is losing and you don’t want to lose all your money. Put only that much money into cricket betting that you can afford to lose because the chances of winning and losing are equal. That’s why putting all your money into cricket betting is a good idea.

To ensure you end up on the winning side, it is important to find the best IPL betting sites for 2023 before placing your bet on just any cricket betting website. Spend good time on research to find out the best IPL betting sites. The best sites are the ones that don’t run away after taking your cash.

For finding out the best website, look for reviews of current and previous users, which will prove helpful to you. Go through every single review and at least read all the negative reviews (if any). The negative reviews prove more helpful to you in deciding whether you are making the right decision by choosing that particular betting website.

The negative reviews may have information about the difficulty that a particular bettor has faced. Check with the betting site whether the problem has been fixed and proceed further only if the problem has been fixed; otherwise, look for some other site.

Let’s discuss the qualities that you should look for in the betting site before placing any bets.

  • Easy and Safe Payment Structure

A user will never like a betting site that has a difficult payment structure. Make sure the site you are going to choose has several repayment choices making it easier for you. Additionally, the payment structure needs to be secure so that your money will remain safe.

  • Convenient Withdrawals

Convenient withdrawals are a must for betting websites because bettors don’t like to bet on a portal where withdrawing your winning amount is no less than climbing a mountain. All the good sites allow their users to easily and quickly withdraw the winning amount.

  • Navigation

The navigation of the website you are going to bet on is an important factor to look at. People don’t like to bet on a site that is difficult to navigate for them. They want easy access to everything whether it is about money deposits or money withdrawals. Make sure the site has an easy Sign-Up process not taking more than a few minutes and only require basic individual details.

  • Offer Welcome Bonus

Good betting websites always give a Welcome bonus to their customers when they Sign Up with it. Usually, the Welcome bonus is money that can be used to place bets and if you win the bet, you can withdraw that money. It means you don’t have to put in real money when you first Sign Up.

  • Customer Support

Nothing can be more trustworthy other than customer support service. It will be quite handy for you, especially when you have just started the game. The customer support team answers all your queries to grow your confidence in them.

Conclusion: Cricket betting is the best technique to grow your money. However, you need to be careful with your money as cricket betting too comes with risks. In this post, we have talked about Indian Premier League (IPL), which is getting more popular with each day’s passing. Additionally, we have listed the qualities to look for in a betting website.

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