The Great Simon Jones

Seeing professional cricket players who come from cricket-loving families is not unusual. Punters can make fast online betting – 1xBet India features wagers on the best players that are from cricket-illustrious names. One of these examples is Simon Jones. He is a former player who also performed as a coach, analyst, and even commentator. He had a great professional career that lasted between 1998 and 2013.

Simon Jones

Simon Jones was not the first cricket player in his family. He is the son of Jeff Jones, who was also a professional cricketer who even featured on the English national team during the 1960s. Punters can make fast online betting on 1xBet India also on this amazing team.

Playing some great matches

Simon Jones had some great performances in his career. During those years, he was a great right-arm fast bowler, as well as a left-handed batsman. In addition to his domestic cricket career, Simon Jones was part of the English national squad between 2002 and 2005. The website is available to place wagers on this team as well.

Jones spent his entire domestic career in the excellent English County Championship. The teams from that competition where he played included:

  • Glamorgan;
  • Hampshire;
  • and Worcestershire.

The cricketer played his first international cricket match ever on the 25th of July 2002. During that year, his team faced India and scored an impressive 44 runs, which was quite good for a brand new player like him. The 1xBet online website can be used to wager at any moment on both Indian and English national sides.

Unfortunate injuries

Simon Jones had undeniable talent. Unfortunately for him, this was largely curtailed due to some unfortunate injuries. The first major injury suffered by him happened in 2002 during The Ashes of that year. After his leg became trapped while fielding a ball, he suffered a serious injury to his anterior cruciate ligament. The Ashes are extremely entertaining, and you can visit to wager on those series.

Jones’ international career ended in 2005. He was selected for a Test match that was going to take place in 2006 against India. Unfortunately, an injury struck again. During a training session, he suffered a serious sprain to one of his knees. He went to consult doctors to see if it was still possible for him to participate in the contest anyway. However, the specialists decided against that. He didn’t feature again for the national side. The 1xBet website can be used to wager at any moment on the great national cricket teams from both India and England.

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