How to Predict Cricket Matches Correctly?

Cricket is among the most popular sports on this planet as people are ready to leave their important things behind when it comes to watching or playing cricket. The enthusiasm is not limited to just watching as the popularity has reached that point where people are predicting the outcomes of cricket matches held all over the world and in return they are earning great amount of money.

The sport of cricket is called an unpredictable sport because the outcome of a cricket match cannot be decided until the last delivery of the match is bowled. You have seen cricket matches where a favorite team gets upset by a lower-ranked team. That’s why it is called an unpredictable sport by many. In this post, we are going to discuss how to predict cricket matches and if you hold an interest in this topic, don’t miss out on reading this post.

Putting money into cricket betting without getting knowing much about the sport is not a good thing because you will probably end up losing your money. Before putting money, it is recommended to gather information about the sport and the competing teams and once you have this information and you are sure that you have ample information only then put your money.

Novice cricket bettors are confused about where to look for information when it is about predicting the outcome of cricket fixtures. If you too are finding it difficult, then the internet can be a good place to find a solution and there you can find numerous portals that are posting regular updates about cricket fixtures, players to select in your team, and playing conditions. One such portal is BettingTop10, where you will find ample information related to all this. In fact, you can count on them as they have the best betting sites in india  and also you can find daily Cricket match predictions.

You can turn to Betting Top 10 or any other related portal to gather information about who is going to play and who’s not and how the pitch will play, which will help you in deciding about the players to select in your team. The key to success in ending up on the winning side is in-depth analysis. By in-depth analysis, what we mean is analyzing the previous performance of batters and bowlers and based on that analysis, take decisions.

By decisions, we mean picking the players who are consistently giving good performances in your team. It is not the only factor as there are other factors too and let’s discuss those factors in detail.

  • Have a Look at Each Player’s Previous Performance

When we talk about previous performance, you may say that the previous performance of any player does not matter, but in reality, it matters. It is because if a batter has scored good runs in their previous innings, then they will feel confident and there are higher chances that they will continue with the same rhythm and the same is the case with bowlers.

  • Look at Head-to-Head Competitions of the Competing Teams

Maybe, it may look unusual to you as every match is different. However, the advantage of looking at head-to-head competitions is that it will give you an idea of which players have scored the maximum runs and taken the maximum wickets. Try to figure this out, especially in the matches that have been played between the competing teams recently. Include those players in your team that have scored maximum runs and taken a maximum number of wickets in the previous matches against the same opponent.

  • Match Conditions

Past data is an important factor when choosing a team that will make you win in cricket bets. However, your winning is somewhat dependent on the match conditions because stats will not have any relevance when the pitch and weather are different from the conditions during the recent fixture. For example, if the pitch that is in use has a green track, then you should include more pace bowlers in your team and this will surely work in your favor.

  • Pick Your Team after the Toss

The fate of winning for any team many times is dependent on the toss, especially if you talk about Test matches. Sometimes playing first works in your favor while many times batting second is good. The selection of players for your team must be done only after the Toss happens. It will give you an idea of which players are best if you get batting first, you need to have good batters that can score well while if you get bowling first, you need to have good bowlers with you.

Nowadays, chasing the total is most teams’ strength, especially in T20s and ODIs, while in Tests most teams prefer to bat first. In Tests, batting last will become an uphill task for teams and that’s why they prefer to bat first in this format.

  • Compare the Key Players of Competing Teams

Before you make your team and put in your money, it is recommended to do some work. Make a list of the key players in both teams and pick your team including all the players that have a fair chance of scoring runs or getting wickets. Try to include the best batters and best bowlers in your team so that if the best batter gets into scoring, they can get out by the best bowler in your team.

Let’s understand it with an example. Suppose, if you talk about an India versus Australia fixture, where you pick Suryakumar Yadav in your team, who is known for his explosive batting, then you should include a bowler in your team such as Josh Hazlewood who is likely to take his wicket. It will bring a balance to your team and make you end up on the winning side.

Conclusion: Cricket match prediction is not a cakewalk; however, this post provides you with useful information that will make it look like a cakewalk to you. It talks about the factors on which your winning is dependent and you can keep yourself ahead of the competition with these tips.

Cricket match prediction will become a lot easier for you with the tips in this post. Hope, you liked this post. Do tell your views in the comments section.

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