How Cricket Predictions Are Being Made?

In terms of popularity, Cricket could be ranked as the secound most exciting game around the world after football. And a major percentage of this viewership can be attributed to India, that is around 150 million and around 400 million at the time of Indian Premier League or World Cup. With a number of tournaments being played apart from the coveted world cup, betting on cricket can also be done all through the year. The unofficial betting market in India alone can be attributed to $150 billion.

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This popularity becomes one major reason for the success of betting sites offering attractive odds and wagering options.

How to get started with online cricket betting?

You can get started on online by choosing a trusted cricket betting site prior to opening the account, then know about the most common wagers available in the cricket betting market and then finally explore the different odds. Read on further to know more about the betting system.

How to determine which cricket site to choose?

There are some ways in which you can determine which site to choose for yourself before betting-

  • Betting Selections- You can choose to bet on an outcome you are sure about, either wager on favourites or select the underdogs. In case of your favourites, payouts are lower than underdogs. Betting lines can help you determine this.
  • Bonuses- You should have different kinds of bonuses like welcome bonuses, cashbacks, free bets or loyalty bonuses.
  • Banking options- A betting site should offer you multiple payment options with reasonable processing times and bank charges. Most common methods should be available like bank transfer, Credit and debit Cards, Cashless or Prepaid Cards and Virtual Wallets.
  • Licence- You must check the credentials of the website before betting. The licensing body for the website can be checked. Some of the well known licensing bodies are Malta Gaming, eCOGRA etc.
  • Security- You can check for data encryption on the website ensuring that the customers are verified.
  • Odds- The odds can be defined as your chances of a certain outcome namely Fractional odds, decimal odds and Moneyline odds. These can be defined as the ratio of profit to the stake; the amount won per INR wagered; and the negative and positive lines that show the amount one can win by betting INR 1.

Depositing Methods on Betting Sites

There are various methods to deposit money on a website.

  • Credit and Debit Cards- You need to check if your card is compatible with the betting website. After entering the deposit amount, fill in your details and then confirm to make the payment. You might want to check if their are any limits to payments.
  • Virtual cards- Some e-wallets modes of payments like PayPal, Nettler and Skrill can also prove very helpful. This method is secure and quick.
  • Cashless cards- Prepaid cards like Visa Prepaid prove to be convenient, safe, and offer low charges with low amount of minimum deposits.
  • Online banking- You can also simply make the deposit through your bank and get paid directly in bank. It may take 1- 2 business days to process the payment.
  • Cryptocurrencies- You can easily use your crypto-wallet to make deposits. The limits on the deposits can be checked before betting.

Top Online Cricket Betting Sites

A lot of betting sites have now ventured into cricket betting. Some of these are Betway which offers cricket odds; Come On that has a big cricket selection;1xBet which offers big bonus, and Bet365 which again has a huge selection. Their new cricket betting site is also great.

Match-fixing and online betting

The betting industry can be amounted to billions of rupees every year. But a good part of this money is the result of match fixing which is illegal. This is one of the reasons that a few governments are still not allowing or hesitant to be allowing betting in their country.

What to think of before you start betting on cricket

While it is a lot of fun and can earn you good money, gambling at the end of the day has a good chance of becoming addictive. In such a situation, it is you, who as a responsible citizen, has to take action. A lot of these betting sites offer self exclusion services and also redirect you to reputed bodies who can help you at the time when you need help.

Betting on Cricket has become a great avenue over the years for bettors around the world. For a lot of fans of cricket, it is an added attraction to the game.

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