Circuit de la Sarthe Seating Map Chart, Le Mans Tickets Price 2022

Circuit de la Sarthe is a motorsport race course located at Le Mans, Sarthe, France. This racecourse mainly known as 24 Hours of Le Mans auto race. This circuit organize 24-hour motorsport racing; therefore, this race course is world famous. This race course is semi-permanents racecourse. The seat capacity of 24 Hours of Le Mans auto race is 234800. Ticket of Circuit da la Sarthe is available online for match to match basis, visitors can book Circuit des 24 Heures du Mans tickets using Circuit de la Sarthe seating map. Circuit de la Sarthe has a longest race course with the 38 turns in the premises, this racecourse opened in 1923 and operated by Automobile Club de I ‘Quest. ACO/FIA WEC and 24 Hours of Le Mans are the main events of Circuit de la Sarthe.

Circuit de La Sarthe Le Mans France

The first race held at Circuit da la Sarthe was Union Motorcyclist de France on a triangular course from the Pontlieue suburbs of Le Mans to Mulsanne and back again. 24 Hours of Le Mans’s 90th the third round of FIA World Endurance Sports Car Championship will start in June between 11th to 12th June 2022. Fans who want to drive car on this super track 24 Hours of Le Mans Road can also ride a car on Non-Race days, at the time of races this road used for racing and rest of the days this track used by people. The Government has setup speed limit for these tracks for safety purpose, therefore racer/driver who always want ride a car on this smooth race track and want enjoy high speed be careful for safety for their own & others.

Circuit de la Sarthe Seating Map 2022, 24 Hours Le Mans Seat Chart

Circuit da la Sarthe covered area is 13.626 Km long and this area make this racecourse longest race in the worlds. The seat capacity of 24 Hours of Le Mans auto race is 234800 seats. Choosing right seats and grandstand is very important to watch this race with best view. We are sharing Le Mans seating map along with Circuit de la Sarthe circuit layout map.

Circuit de La Sarthe Circuit Le Mans

Above Circuit de la Sarthe map depicts Grandstand location, paddock stands location, main entrance, museum, Dunlop bridge, start and finish line. All other important detail along with race track is clearly shown on the map.

Circuit de La Sarthe Racecourse Layout

Circuit de la Sarthe Tickets

Ticket prices are variable as per races and events. The tickets can be bought online for Le mans 24 hours race. Online booking is very convenient for those who want to save time and utilize their energy to enjoy the thrilling races of the circuit. You can book ticket on official website of Circuit de la Sarthe’s as per the event and races organized at the circuit.

Circuit de la Sarthe Tickets Price 2022

Circuit de la Sarthe race track has a separate entry ticket along with event tickets. Event tickets does not cover entry tickets of Circuit de la Sarthe admission fee. During event days or non event days, visitors need to purchase Circuit de la Sarthe entry tickets. visitors age above 10 need to purchase entry tickets of 3.5 €. Family pass is very cheaper as compared to individual tickets. Family pass rates are 8€ and it allows 2 Adults and 2 young child of 10+ years.

Particulars Entry Fee
Adults 3.5 Euros
Young (10-18 years) 3.5 Euros
Family pass(2 adults + 2 young) 8 Euros
Group Rates At Discount

People who are visiting in groups can avail great discount on admission fees.

Event ticket admission fee depends on type of event and seating. Major event ticket prices are comparatively higher.

Le Mans 2022 Tickets Price

Le Mans is the major event of the Circuit de la Sarthe. Le Mans 2022 tickets are in high demand and below is the Le Mans ticket price 2022 for Circuit de la Sarthe race track.

Particulars Circuit de la Sarthe Le Mans Tickets Price
1 Day for Thursday General Admission – Starts from €47
Grandstand – Starts from €383
2 Day Saturday Sunday (Race Days) General Admission – Starts from €75
Grandstand T 11 – Starts from €81
Grandstand T 34 – Starts from €81
Grandstand T 04 – Starts from €115
Grandstand T 15 – Starts from €115
Grandstand T 20 – Starts from €115
Grandstand T 23 – Starts from €115
Grandstand T 11 – Starts from €81
Hospitality VIP Trackside Terrace Without Pitwalk – £1065
Hospitality VIP Trackside Terrace Without Pitwalk – £1443
With Helicopter Upgrade – Add £132
5 Days Wednesday to Sunday General Admission – Starts from €86
1 Day Saturday (Race Day) Hospitality VIP Trackside Terrace Without Pit walk – £962
Hospitality VIP Trackside Terrace Without Pit walk – £1340
With Helicopter Upgrade – Add £132

Le Mans entry tickets are divided in multiple categories. Practice day tickets are cheaper than race day tickets. Book Le Mans 2022 tickets as per requirement and budget.

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