6 Best Aviator Strategies to Consider

Aviator is a game that requires constant attention and can be challenging. Though, if you use strategies, they can ease the struggle, helping you to make decisions faster. The time question is fundamental in that “crash” title, where you have only 5 seconds to make a bet!

Note that any of them doesn’t provide a 100% chance of winning. You can only slightly better up the probabilities or the bankroll management. The main benefit of gaming strategies is easing the process, so you have more time and brain resources to play as a pro.

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Double Bet and Auto-bet Features

The most specific feature of Aviator that you rarely see in slots or tables is the double bet option. You have 2 clone control panels to set both stakes as you like.

So, you make 2 bets in 1 round. And here comes the variety:

  1. Make one bet big and the other small.
  2. Make one manual and one autoplay.
  3. Or, both auto. Or, both manual (though the latter requires quite a flashy reaction).
  4. One might be on a flat strategy, and the other on Martingale or Paroli, et cetera.

That way, you can hedge your betting in Aviator. Meaning you lose less and, as a result, profit more, even if you don’t win often. The profit, that’s what is important in the end.

Don’t make too big stakes, so the risk is higher. And don’t make too small bets so that the profit will go null. The betting art is to balance the right amount. And to practice it, you can play Aviator in the free demo version.

An example of 2 bets in Aviator.

Labouchere Betting System

The system is based on mathematics. Here you place a wager series. First, you decide how much money you plan to win. It’s a negative progression, i.e., you raise stakes after losing rounds. So, when you win, the prize covers the spending.

Here’s how to do it:

  • write any sequence of numbers on paper;
  • sum them up and find a total value. Like 1+2+3=6 dollars;
  • make bets by summing up the 1st and last digits. I.e., 1+3=4, so your stake is 4 dollars;
  • when you win, remove the 1st and the last number from the sequence. In our examples 1 and 3;
  • when you lose, add the sum 1+3=4 to the end. So it’ll look like 1+2+3+4. The next bet will be 1+4=5 dollars.

You must test the system in demo mode before real money play, even if you’re a professional gambler. You might notice it takes too much time, so selecting more straightforward strategies is better.

Martingale System

If you lose, double the bet until you win. In the end, the win should be big enough to cover losses.

But that system is dangerous because you might lose your cash quite fast. So it would be best to live through a loss streak with a big bankroll. Moreover, all casino games are built to eliminate any player advantage so that the system won’t provide a big profit in the long run. Though, if a session is short, the strategy might help to win several rounds.


That method is a positive sequence strategy. I.e., you double your bet when won. When you lose, reset the stake to the initial amount.

It suits better to players with small budgets. The algorithm is as follows:

  • set a total budget and a base stake;
  • double when you win;
  • but don’t raise the stake after 3 consecutive wins because the probability is a b*tch;
  • make a base stake when you lose.

D’Alembert System

It mixes both progressions in one. Here’s how to do it:

  • set a total budget, then a percentage of it that will be a base stake unit;
  • make a base bet;
  • when you lose, increase the stake by a unit;
  • when you win, decrease by a unit.

Though, if you have a long losing streak, you have to bet bigger and bigger sums, thus risking losing the total budget quickly. And the prize might only cover some previous losses, not all of them.

Fibonacci betting in Aviator casino game.

Fibonacci Betting System

It’s a negative progression method. When you lose, you raise the stake. But not just double it; here’s a system (again).

The sequence is named after a mathematician with the same surname, Fibonacci. It’s famed as a golden sequence, with many natural, art, and architectural examples. In gambling, it implements like this:

  1. It starts with 0+1.
  2. Each new number is a sum of 2 previous digits. 1+1 = 2; 2+3 = 5, et cetera. So we have 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, etc.
  3. So, you determine your budget and a percentage that will be a base stake unit.
  4. When you lose, add the number of units set by the Fibonacci sequence. If you lose 2 dollars, the next stake will be 3 dollars, et cetera.
  5. When you win, move 2 numbers back. You bet 13 dollars, then won, and the next stake will be 5 dollars.

Benefits of the Gambling Systems

The strategies described here might seem too complicated. They’re pretty simple; you need time to test them in the demo mode to get the point.

Strategies help to manage bankroll and decide quickly. It’s more purposeful and fun compared with betting without any strategy. They are easy to comprehend and, after a little practice, don’t require much effort to follow.

But, you need a big budget to compensate for possible long losses streaks. For example, in the Fibonacci system: if you lose 10 times in a row, the next bet is 89 stake units.

So, systems might be dangerous for you and your gambling budget. That’s why you must keep emotions at bay and leave the session on time, even if you lose money. Never chase losses!

If you keep a cool head, you get more pleasure from gaming without big losses and potentially big wins. Good luck to you!

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