Pakistan General Elections 2018 Opinion Poll and Predictions

Pakistan General elections are one of the most anticipated events in coming days. The country is excited about their next national elections. The current government term was finished on 31 May across the nation. There have been many elected government which were dissolved by their army in the past. The last elections were completed peacefully and the term also saw its completion of years. It was a good thing for the nation’s politics and its democracy.

Pakistan opinion poll 2018
Pakistan opinion poll 2018

Upcoming Pakistan 2018 elections will be held in the month of July across the country. The main political parties of Pakistan are PML-N, PTI, and PPP. These parties have declared their candidates along with the other ones. In the last elections, PM(L) leader Nawaz Sharif was elected as their Prime Minister for the third time. The main opposition parties PTI and PPP were led by Imran Khan and Bilawal Bhutto Zardai respectively. In the current scenario, parties are competing with each other on many main topics such as poverty, employment, terrorism etc. We shall see the winner very soon, once the public casts their vote and chooses the next CM. Until then, various opinion poll and Pakistan exit polls will keep on surfacing. We can have a look at these Pakistan election opinion polls 2018 to have an idea about the public’s verdict.

Latest Gallup Pakistan Opinion Poll 2018

There are various news agencies and opinion poll agencies who have conducted opinion polls. The process involves conducting the survey on a sample in order to anticipate the upcoming results. The latest opinion poll by Gallup Pakistan was published on 06 June 2018. It has been conducted on a sample of 3000 people. As per the survey, PML-N and PTI will have a neck to neck competition with PML-N getting 26% votes and PTI getting 25% votes. PPP will be far behind with 16% votes only. The rest of the parties will get other 33% of the votes.

Party Name Votes
PML-N 26%
PTI 25%
PPP 16%
Others 33%

IPOR Pakistan Opinion Poll 2018

This opinion poll was shared last year, on 24 October. This was surveyed on a large number of 4540 voters. The sample was largest among the above two polls, and it suggests that PML-N will get the highest number of votes with 38% vote share. It is a good news for the party and a not so good for PTI and PPP. Their vote share remains moreover same having 27% votes with PTI and 17% votes with PPP. Other parties will have to work on their campaigns, as they secured 19% votes as per this survey.

Party Name Votes
PML-N 27%
PTI 30%
PPP 17%
Others 26%

Pulse Consultant Pakistan Opinion Poll 2018

As per this agency, the main parties will have their good share of votes but it is highly unlikely that one of them will gain the majority. The survey was conducted on 3163 people, general voters. The latest poll was published on 28 May 2018, and it suggests PTI as the biggest party. If the opinion survey is to be believed, PTI will get 30% votes, PML-N will grab 27% votes whereas PPP will get only 17% votes. Another poll with no clear majority, as it seems. A good portion of 26% votes is shared among other parties.

Party Name Votes
PML-N 38%
PTI 27%
PPP 17%
Others 19%

It is interesting to see who wins in upcoming Pakistan elections. Check Pakistan election results 2018 after the voting. Pakistan whole population is waiting for the results along with the citizens of other countries. Pakistan has not maintained good relations with India and Indian citizens want a stable government who can maintain a healthy relation with India.

We have to wait for the final results of the elections.

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