Fantasy Sports Betting 10cric: How To Draft A Winning Team And Win Big

Have you ever heard of fantasy sports? It is one of the relatively new and modern trends that is gaining popularity. In this article, we will talk more about fantasy sports and its features, as well as find out why 10cric is the best platform for such betting.

What Is Fantasy Sports?

Let’s start with the basics and find out what fantasy sports is and what its features are. It is a type of online gambling where you assemble a virtual team of real players to compete with other such teams. During the game, your team earns points. The better the performance, the more points you can get. There are a huge number of fantasy sports games, however the most popular are football, basketball, and hockey. Generally, depending on your country of residence a particular discipline will be popular.

How To Participate In The Tournament?

If you personally want to participate in the tournament, you will need to create an account on platforms like 10cric India or other betting sites. You will then be able to join a public league or create your own. For example, in a public league, you will be competing against players with the same skills and abilities as you. If you want to create your own league, you can invite your friends or relatives to play together. But that’s not all the possibilities! Players can also create a league with strangers. If you love new acquaintances, then this is the one for you.

How Does Fantasy Sports Betting Work?

People are getting more and more into fantasy sports for several reasons. Firstly, it is a lot of fun and allows you to experience new emotions. Secondly, it is a great way to earn good money. Betting on such entertainment in 10 cric can be divided into two types, namely cash games, and tournaments.

If we talk about cache games, there you fight with another person. There will be only one winner. He is the one who will take the main winnings. Another way of playing cash games is that you compete in large groups, where the best players can get money at the end of the season. The prize money is usually split 50/50. For example, if 100 people participated in the game, 50 of them will receive a buy-in (mandatory payment for participation from each player). This feature is usually available after registration and 10cric login.

In addition, there are tournaments where you can get a guaranteed prize pool. Usually, you can place higher bets there than on cash games. For example, some American betting operators offer prize pools that can be as high as $1 million. What could be cooler than that? However, there is one major drawback. There are far fewer winners out there. Depending on the specifics of the tournament, only 3 to 15% of all participants will win a prize. This still attracts players to perform 10 cric login and enjoy such entertainment.

What Are The Differences Between Fantasy Betting And Traditional Sports?

The main difference is that in traditional sports betting, you will not be betting against the bookmaker. Your main opponents will be other people in your league. This means that you will have a slightly better chance of winning than if you were to play at 10cric casino or place traditional bets. This is all because the game is mainly based on your skills and abilities.

Duration Of Fantasy Betting

Generally, most leagues are held during the season. These can be either weekly or daily competitions. By the way, sometimes you may even have access to a 10cric bonus code for such entertainment. Seasonal leagues are considered to be the most popular, as there you will have the most time to manage your team and make some changes.

Equally popular are the daily and weekly competitions. Their duration is much shorter, which is an advantage for some players because it is a great alternative to the seasonal league, where you can spend less time.


To summarise our 10cric review, we can say that fantasy sports are gaining popularity at the moment. This is a great alternative to traditional sports betting, where you can experience even more emotions. At the same time you can also get good money. So why not try your hand at this relatively new direction?

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