Fans trends’ Arrest Virat Kohli’ on Social Media after Recent Controversy

Netizens trended ‘Arrest Virat Kohli’, demanding the ex-captain of India’s cricket team to be detained after being exposed by South African skipper Dean Elgar. Elgar made a shocking revelation on him, saying that Kohli hurled expletives at him during a game in the sub-continent at the beginning of his career.

He exposed Kohli and Ravindra Jadeja, another Indian cricket player, spat at him in the Banter with The Boys podcast through Betway South Africa YouTube channel uploaded on January 28. Elgar said, then fought back, threatening to use his bat.

At the time, AB de Villiers, the South African legend with a great relationship with Kohli, intervened and calmed things down between them before the fight escalated. Kohli and Villiers share a good friendship due to their years together at the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) in the Indian Premier League (IPL).

“And I said if you do that, I’ll… on this field, I’ll absolutely knock you out. And then [he said] ‘Hey **** you, **** you’ (mimicking the Indian) but barking up the wrong tree yeah. Anyways, we are in India so you got to be a little bit cautious,” he said.

He also revealed that Kohli later regretted and apologised for his action when India toured South Africa in 2017-18.

“Two-three years later, Kohli pulled me aside and said ‘Listen, can we go and have a drink after the series. I want to apologise for my actions. So we drank till 3 in the morning. This is when he used to drink,” said Elgar.

In early January, Elgar announced his retirement, with Kohli leading the accolades for the South Africa ex-captain.

However, Elgar’s words already triggered big reactions on social media. Some still supported the premier India batter, but others shamed his alleged disrespectful act and asked Kohli to be arrested.

Kohli is a prominent figure in the Indian cricket scene. He had recently won ten ICC Cricketer of the Year awards. He accumulated 765 runs with three centuries in the premier ODI competition, securing the Player of the Tournament award in the ICC World Cup.

The ICC World Cup is one of the most prestigious and popular international cricket tournaments that even has a cricket betting online platform that people can participate in.

Kohli withdraws from first two England tests

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) announced that Virat Kohli will not participate in the first two test matches against England for ‘personal reasons’.

In an official statement released on January 22, the BCCI revealed that Kohli had discussions with captain Rohit Sharma and the team management, emphasising the demand for his presence in certain personal situations.

For similar reasons, Kohli had previously missed the first T20I against Afghanistan and an intra-squad match in South Africa.

The BCCI requested the media not to speculate on the nature of Kohli’s personal reasons, assured them of their support for him, and mentioned that his replacement would be announced soon.

“The BCCI respects his decision, and the Board and team management has extended its support to the star batter and is confident in the abilities of the remaining squad members to step up and deliver commendable performances in the Test series,” said the BCCI in a statement.

Later reports indicated that Virat Kohli’s absence from the consecration of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya and the initial two Tests against England was due to his mother’s ill health, Saroj Kohli.

However, Vikash Kohli, Virat Kohli’s brother, made a post on Instagram refuting the news on January 31. “Let me clear that our mom is absolutely fit and fine,” said the post.

He requested the public and media not to spread such news without proper information but also thanked the concern everyone had shown for his mother.

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