Types of Online IPL Bets

As there was less craze around cricket, the BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) decided to make it worse by launching IPL (Indian Premier League) in 2008. IPL served as a way for the best players and best team to battle for the title of being best in sports. The IPL fever strikes the entire nation in March and remains throughout May.

The various famous and skilled players from all around the world participate in this Indian cricket tournament and the reason is pretty simple, not just they get to show their skill but the prize money is also very huge.

Cricket fans from all over the world flock the Indian cricket stadiums during the IPL season. Apart from casual fans, punters are also active throughout the season and ipl betting online.

If you are a beginner, then you are in the right place. In this article, I will list down the various ipl betting options available.

IPL cricket betting types

Have a look at a few of the options you will most likely find when betting on Indian Premier League (IPL) matches:

Match winner

This is the most common form of betting in any sport. As the name already suggests, in this bet, you will have to predict which team will be the winner of the match. In this form of bet, the odds are weighted and instead of the famous team you have the higher chances of winning, betting on an underdog will pay greater than 1-1.

NOTE: The betting markets are declared void if the match turns out to be a tie.

To win the toss

Toss is a small but important part of a cricket match so you can predict that as well. So, instead of predicting which team will win the match, you will have to predict which team is going to win the toss.

Man of the match

The player who has performed in the match is awarded the title “Man of the match”. With this bet, you can predict who that player will be.

NOTE: These kinds of bets are mostly available in major ipl betting sites, you will not come across this bet if you are placing the bet on a clumsy betting site.

Top Batsman

As the name already suggests, this bet requires you to predict and pick the exact batsman that will score the most runs. It is not an easy bet to win as you have to not just make a random guess but to win, you need to make the right guess with the name of the player. However, as the odds for this kind of wager are high, you will win a decent amount of prize money, if you win.

Top Bowler

You will have to choose in this bet the best blower with a maximum number of wickets. It is up to you to decide which blower according to you is performing great and is eligible for the title of top bowler. If you can make the right prediction, you will be rewarded with a great amount of prize money.

Be sure to make the right bet at the right time. This is your key to success. 

Jason Kiraky, cricket expert and cricketbetonline.in owner

Tournament outright winner

Ok, you need to be very brave to try out for this bet. In this bet, you will have to make the prediction that which of the teams will beat all the other teams and win the IPL tournament. When you go to place the wager, the sportsbook will list the associated lines for all of the teams in the tournament. Just select the team that you think will win it all and hope for the best.

Over/under score

This online ipl betting is quite easy actually. The sportsbook will post the total score that they think that a certain team will make by the end of the match.

You have to predict whether the team will score under or over the mentioned score.

So, these are some of the top cricket IPL Bets that you must give a try to. Good Luck!

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