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If there is one thing this bookie knows exactly how to do is innovate. Betfair is one example of this. Despite being a relatively new bookie, this brand has been making waves due to the difference in its approach to wagering. Looking at the innovative tools and promotions on offer, it comes as no surprise their continued growth. Your phone can now be used to comfortably access the incredible BetFair marketplace. While not being an exactly unique approach, some kudos need to be given for the effort to ease accessibility.

Get Betfair on your Android devices

Now, it comes as no surprise this app isn’t listed in the official app store. The only blame can be levelled at the restrictive regulations regarding gambling. This is meant to act as a deterrent to gaming addiction which from all points of view is extremely negative. To get the Betfair apk, we need an alternative route to run the installation. Installing an app using their apk file is routine for long-time android users.

This may not be so true for newer users. The Betfair marketplace is where you can find this file. A quick trip to their Downloads section is about all you need. The file is relatively small so the download is fast and easy. Don’t worry about the security alert that shows up. You can trust the file since its source is known to us.

Installing BetFair to your android device

If the download procedure was simple, then installing it couldn’t be any more difficult. One important thing to note, however. Since the installation is initiated by the apk file we need to permit it to be executed by your device. This security configuration comes out of the box. To prevent potentially malicious applications from modifying how your system operates, the manufacturer puts this in place. To run the install, open the downloaded apk. This will trigger the security message and will redirect you to the settings. Grant the appropriate permission to the apk and the installation will continue as designed. The installation wizard will then direct you on the installation and after a couple of minutes, you can get back to winning with Betfair.

Installing Betfair to Apple devices

If you are in search of an Apple version of Betfair, you need not look any further than the app store. Apple’s store policies could be considered exploitative but at least they do not prevent applications from being listed due to their intended use. For one thing, Apple assumes their customers are fully aware of what they need and as such makes their store the one-stop shop for all of it. This has made the BetFair application available for download from their official store. Simply go to the app store and launch an instance of it. Finding the app simply requires you to search for it. More often than not, the first result is usually the one you are looking for. However, you need to ensure the app you select belongs to the bookie as there are several lookalike versions. Installation only requires you to click the Install button. That is all you need to do to get Betfair to your iOS device.

Features of the Betfair Mobile application

When it comes to mobile applications, one thing that always stands out is the abundance of features made available by the underlying technology. While the website already comes with great features, we get a deeper level of personalization by having a standalone application. Some of the great features include:

  • Personalized notification: The great thing about applications is you get notified of important events related to your account. Notifications can come from winning bets, live score results and upcoming events. Using the app allows you to get notified of these things on your notification screen.
  • Live streaming: In-play betting is one of the more popular sporting markets out there. For this market, however, the app comes with a streaming option on select events. Now you can wager with ease and need not look elsewhere to follow the event’s happenings.

System requirements and compatibility

When it comes to absolutely every technology, a threshold of minimum needs is always established. This allows the developers to properly optimize and calibrate the application’s performance. Looking at the Betfair app, there is also a minimum amount of system resources needed for it to run as designed. Keeping in mind that some of the app’s features are interactive, these requirements need to be met lest the app runs slowly or not at all. Being available on two operating systems, the Android requirements are:

  • The android version is to be at least 4.4.2. KitKat
  • A processor with speeds of at least GHz
  • Memory space of at least 100Mb
  • Local storage of at least 50Mb on the device

For its iOS version, you need:

  • IOS version at least 8.1
  • The processing speed of at least 1GHz
  • Memory space of at least 100Mb
  • Local storage on the device of at least 50Mb

From the listed requirements, it can be noted that the Betfair application is fairly lightweight and given the performance of consumer devices, most if not all devices on the market could theoretically handle the app. It can also be noted that the only difference between the iOS and Android versions is the platform requirements with the apps having a similar blueprint on the separate devices.

The Betfair Mobile Friendly website version

Sometimes the app doesn’t work as designed or your device may already have an existing installation. There are plenty of situations that would render the app inaccessible. There is good news, however. A mobile website solution exists for much smaller displays. The website looks a lot like the application and is optimized to scale to fit on much smaller devices. The website contains all tools from the parent site with the key difference being how well it scales to much smaller displays. You can access your account and wager on the go using the mobile version with no need of running an install on the device in use.

Contrasting the app and mobile-friendly website

Customers may be confused with the terms being thrown around, especially regarding the mobile version. What are the dissimilarities between it and the app? While both solutions provide you access to the Betfair markets, the major differences between the two are:

  • Personalization: While the mobile version boasts plenty of features, the app comes with system notifications. You can optionally be notified of the progress of your wagers and the results from fixtures and bets. The mobile version lacks such a level of personalization.
  • How it’s used: The mobile website is exactly what its name suggests. It can be accessed using your device’s browser. On the other hand, when it comes to the application you get it directly from your device.

Betfair free bets and new customer bonus

When it comes to most bookies, new users are awarded free bets and a bonus on their first deposit made. Betfair is no exception to this rule and has one of the largest signup bonuses out there. New users have their first transaction matched by the bookie. This amount can be used by the user to wager on the platform and the terms need to be met to withdraw winnings made from the bonus amount.

Bonus and promotions

Bonuses are like a great dessert for a bookie. While it may not be what you look for, they do come in useful in making extra winnings. Betfair has one of the most innovative markets out there and their promotions only add to their appeal. There is an accumulator bonus which means extra cash. Their registration bonus is also one to note. New users get an extra wager to be used on the platform. The bookie also has cashbacks for losing bets. All of these make returning your investment on the platform relatively easy depending on how industrious you are.

Mobile markets and additional betting options

When it comes to wagers, Betfair has one of the most exciting betting exchanges. You might be asking, what is a betting exchange? A betting exchange is a market where you wager on other punters’ bet slips. Of course, the odds are spectacular and this is just another avenue for punters to maximize their profits.

Placing bets via Betfair mobile

Wagers are the true intent of any punter’s activities. A look at Betfair and the first thing you note is the ease of placing wagers. Their markets are easy to come through and locating your preferred event is quick thanks to the search bar. Simply pick your odd and fill in the wager amount on the slip. Clicking the Place Bet button is all you need to do once you have confirmed your wager.

Betfair restricted countries

The Betfair marketplace is not accessible in several countries the world over. Due to laws, the operations of the firm cannot be licensed and regulated in these nations in good faith. These countries are:

  • USA (not including New Jersey)
  • Austria Turkey
  • Afghanistan
  • Brunei Darussalam
  • Algeria
  • American Samoa
  • Uganda
  • Zimbabwe
  • Puerto Rico
  • Kuwait
  • Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Angola
  • Singapore
  • Myanmar
  • Yemen
  • China
  • Namibia
  • France (includes French Territories)
  • Virgin Islands (USA)
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • Guam
  • The Syrian Arab Republic

Mobile payment methods

Creating a winning wager is supposed to be the only difficult thing when it comes to gaming. Funding or transacting should be the easy part. This bookie is known for integrating the most popular payment methods to make customer transactions fast and efficient. Web-based transaction channels such as Payoneer and Skrill are integrated fully. Banking transactions are also supported with support for Visa and MasterCard included. Other payment methods such as mobile money and UPS are integrated into the bookie too.


The Betfair app is a breath of fresh air for its international customers with all this in mind. An Android solution is always preferable to using any website. It comes with all the features you would expect from a bookie and much more. A great recommendation for any punter due to their innovative take on the entire gaming experience.


How do the Betfair rates work?

The rates are given based on the odds of the specific event. The likeliness of victory is then given as a rate.

Is Betfair a certified vendor?

Yes, the bookie is fully licensed and regulated by the Indian government. You can rest assured that your cash is in safe hands.

How do you sign up to be a Betfair Vendor?

Becoming a vendor is accomplished through their affiliate program. Simply go to their portal and sign up.

Can the Betfair app’s security be trusted while playing?

The application is a safe and secure alternative to their main portal.

Do I need to pay the API subscription payment?

Yes, the features provided by the vendors are chargeable and you must pay to use them.

What alternatives are available if I am unable to locate what I want?

You can browse the numerous markets until you find something that suits your fancy. The betting exchange is also a great alternative to traditional markets.

Can you change the language settings in the app?

To cater to an international audience, it is available in over 50 languages which can be changed from the setting.

How do you reach customer support?

In case of difficulties with the app, the live chat feature is the fastest means of reaching one of BetFair’s representatives. Other than that, they can also be reached via their hotline or email.

Is there a Betfair app for Windows phones?

Unfortunately, this bookie does not have an app solution for Windows phones. Support for the platform is being phased out.

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