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The Formula  1 is another discipline that entertains and gives a lot of news to cover and discuss. Of course, it also gives some of the best sports betting online on 1xBet opportunities. A very important occurrence that surely has left nobody indifferent is the fact that George Russell will run for Mercedes from 2022. It should be remembered that normally, Formula 1 squads have two main drivers. In the case of Mercedes they currently are:

  • Valtteri Bottas;
  • and of course, Lewis Hamilton!

The Finnish driver will be departing Mercedes and leave his spot for Russell. Bottas signed a contract to start competing for Alfa Romeo. It should be remembered that Russell is someone who knows Mercedes pretty well. He has been a protege of the squad since 2017. Also, the Briton made his Formula 1 debut back in 2019 for Williams. He has a bright future ahead, and it is fair to say that using 1xBet on online sports betting best option when betting for the Mercedes squad.

Everybody should check cricket betting rates on 1xBet

The United Arab Emirates have been hosting matches of the Indian Premier League for a while already. The matches have been exciting, as well as to check cricket betting rates on 1xBet. However, the COVID-19 pandemic still hasn’t helped the competitions to go back to normal. Considering the current situation with the virus in the UAE and the United Kingdom, the Middle Eastern territory is requiring a six-day mandatory quarantine for everybody coming from the United Kingdom.

This new rule applies for all travelers, and cricket players and staff will not have any kind of exception. For this reason, Indian teams with British players will need to plan their schedules carefully, in order to make sure that those athletes are able to feature in the games where they are needed. In any case, to check 1xBet cricket betting rates on the platform is an excellent idea when betting on the Indian Premier League or any other featured competition.

Making wagers in the Italian Serie A on 1xBet

The Italian Serie A is one of the most exciting football competitions all over the world. Everybody can enjoy it at It should be remembered that the Italian National football team won the Euro 2020. Obviously, most players in the squad came from teams who participated in this competition. The amazing performances of the national squad was a testament of how good the Serie A overall is doing.

However, a team that didn’t enjoy a good start to the 2021/22 season of the Serie A has been Juventus FC. There were many changes in the team prior to the start of the season. For example, Massimiliano Allegri returned as coach, but, probably what the squad feels the most has been the fact that Cristiano Ronaldo left the Italian squad to return to Manchester United. Yet, despite all these difficulties, we can all rest assured that Juventus will bounce back, and will give great 1xBet betting chances.

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