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Party Wise Results

PartyWonVote %
Bharatiya Janata Party5746.5%
Indian National Congress1133.5%

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Voting in Uttarakhand elections was held on 15 February 2017. The election results will be announced on 11 March, 2017. Last day of election is 8 March 2017, when voting in Uttar Pradesh and Manipur will happen. Soon after 8th, many Uttarakhand exit poll and Uttarakhand opinion surveys will be declared by different survey and news agencies. Reputed poll prediction agencies like chanakya exit poll, Aaj Tak Exit Poll, ABP News Exit Poll will be declared on 9 March at 5.30 PM.

Currently INC is ruling in the state and Current Chief Minister of Uttarakhand is Harish Rawat. In the state, there are 70 seats and 36 seats are required to win in order to form the government. The current ruling party(Congress) will be trying to keep their party in power in the upcoming elections. BJP will be trying to have result in their favour as they will be looking forward to win the state elections. BSP will also be preparing themselves to win a good number of seats to be able to form alliance in forming government.

As per the recent surveys BJP and Congress are looking strong in the state. The main competitions will be between BJP and Congress. The current opinion polls reports Uttarakhand elections opinion poll 2017 predicts the winners as per the surveys and trends. The main parties contesting in Uttarkhand elections are Indian National Congress, Bhartiya Janta Party, Uttarakhand Kranti Dal (P) and Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP).

Uttarakhand Exit Poll 2017

India TV-C Voter 29-35 29-35 2 - 9
Today's Chanakya53152
India Today-Axis46-5312 - 212 - 6
India News-MRC38302
ABP-CSDS34-4223-293 - 9

Uttarakhand Exit Poll - CVoter


Uttarakhand Exit Poll Chanakya, Chanakya Exit Poll Uttarakhand Election 2017


Today's Chanakya is one of the renowned polling agency of the country. It has shared a very accurate prediction of last two Lok Sabha Elections, with on dot seat tally. Chanakya exit poll agency have shared their predictions for other countries' elections also, such as UK and US elections. Uttarakhand election exit poll 2017 by Chanakya are anticipated since a long time, as voting got finished in last month itself. Uttar Pradesh and Manipur election voting of last phase was held yesterday. Hence, release of exit polls by ABP News, AAJ Tak, Zee News and many more agencies can be carried out today. Opinion survey predictions were released before start of elections. Now exit polls are awaited by people, as the ait was very long this time. Chanakya exit poll for Uttarakhand elections 2017 are awaited, considering result date is also very near. This Uttarakhand exit poll Chanakya are expected to be announced on today.

Uttarakhand Opinion Poll Results

Uttarakhand opinion survey prediction summary has been shown below. This table shows many polls conducted till now.

Survey Agency Date BJP INC BSP Others
India Today-Axis 31 Jan 40-44 23-27 0-2 1-4
THE WEEK-Hansa Research 26 Jan 37-39 27-29 1-3 1-3
India Today-Axis 5 Jan 41-46 18-23 - 2-6
India Today-Axis Oct 2016 38-43 26-31 - 1-4
India TV-CVoter Year 2016 20-24 34-38 6-10 3-5
ABP News-Lokniti Jan 2017 35-43 22-30 - -
VDP Associates Survey Year 2016 40 24 2 4

Many Uttarakhand opinion polls are shared predicting results of Upcoming Uttarakhand polls. These predictions are shared to have a rough idea of the mood of voters in the assembly constituencies. Uttarakhand opinion poll 2017 are shared by many agencies such as India Today-Axis (Aaj Tak), India TV-CVoter, THE WEEK-Hansa Research, ABP News-Lokniti etc. Uttarakhand assembly elections 2017 predictions are being shared since last few months now.

Chanakya opinion poll for Uttarakhand is not yet declared for upcoming elections. Chanakya exit poll is expected to be shared on 8th March, once voting is done in all five states. This survey is waited for some time now, and some other prediction will be also be seen. We have been looking very closely at opinion polls and surveys. All the exit polls and opinion polls will be shared once they are announced here, including Chanakya opinion survey of Uttarakhand.

Key Updates of Uttarakhand Elections

  • Overall voter turnout was 68% by 5 PM.
  • Highest turnout was recorded in Uttarkashi, with 73% voting.
  • Least voting percentage was in Almora, only 52%.

Latest India Today-Axis Survey Poll

Party Projected Seats
BJP 40-44
INC 23-27
BSP 0-2
Others 1-4

Date: 31 January 2017

Survey was conducted on 4130 voters of Uttarakhand and it is conducted from 13 to 29 January 2017.

Latest Opinion Poll by THE WEEK-Hansa Research

Political Party Seats
BJP 37-39
Congress 27-29
BSP 1-3
Others 1-3

THE WEEK-Hansa Research has shared their opinion poll of Uttarakhand elections on 26 January. Survey shows a good sign for BJP in this hilly state of India. This Uttarakhand opinion poll predicts that BJP will win a considerable amount of 37-39 seats. Congress will be little behing with 27-29 seats. BSP doesn't have a good news, as their share of seats is 1-3. Others can win 1-3 seats, not creating big trouble for national parties. BJP has secured majority in this survey which must have brought a ray of hope in party. The surveys shows a winning situation for BJP, but they knows that predictions of polls are just an idea and not a guaranty of relief.

Uttarakhand Opinion Poll by India Today-Axis

Parties Seats Projection Vote Share
BJP 41-46 45%
INC 18-23 33%
Others 2-6 22%

As per the latest Opinion Poll by India Today-Axis in Uttarakhand state ahead of assembly polls 2017, Bhartiya Janta Party will easily form the Government in the state by winning 41 to 46 seats with 45% vote share. On the other hand current ruling party of the state, INC likely to win 18-23 seats with 33% vote share. Other parties will win 2 to 6 seats and will take 22% vote share. BC Khanduri of BJP is the most popular candidate for CM post with 43 percent votes. Current Chief Minister of Congress, Harish Rawat is supported by 41% of voters for CM post. BS Koshyari won 3% support and Satpal Maharaj got 2% support.

Latest Opinion Poll by ABP News-Lokniti CSDS

Party Seats Vote %
BJP 35-43 40
Congress 22-30 33

* The opinion poll was conducted from 5 to 12 December 2016.

As per the poll conducted by ABP News and Lokniti CSDS BJP is likely to win 35 to 43 seats in upcoming Uttarakhand polls with 40% vote share. Congress is likely to win 22-30 seats with a vote share of 33%. Harish Rawat is most popular CM candidate with 19% votes and B C Khanduri remains second with 13% votes.

India Today-Axis Opinion Poll

Uttarakhand latest opinion poll by India today (Aaj Tak) announced on 14th October 2016.

Party Seats Vote Share%
BJP 38-43 43%
Congress 26-31 39%
Others 1-4 18%

As per the poll results BJP is likely to win 38 to 43 seats out 70 seats and it will form the government without any external support. INC is likely to lose the 2017 assembly elections. The BJP vote share would be 43% and INC vote share would be 39%.

India TV-CVoter Opinion Survey Uttarakhand

Party Name Seats Prediction
INC 34-38
BJP 20-24
BSP 6-10
Others 3-5

The India TV-CVoter survey predicts a good result for Congress party. As per the opinion poll, INC will win 34-38 seats in the upcoming elections. This figure is close to majority, which is a good sign for the party. Bhartiya Janata Party is at second spot with a number of 20-24 seats which is a satisfactory tally but far from majority. BSP is struggling with 6-10 seats. The others are expected to win a total of 3-5 seats.

Uttarakhand Opinion Poll 2017 by VDP Associates Survey 2016

Party Seats Votes
2016 2016
BJP 40 39%
INC 24 34%
BSP 2 7%
OTH 4 13%
Undecided 7%
Chart Showing Uttarakhand Opinion Poll Results 2017

As per VDPAssociates election survey, BJP is going to win 2017 Uttarakhand elections and ruling party Congress party is going to lose the elections. BJP is expected to win 40 seats and INC is going to win 24 seats.

Uttarakhand State Assembly Elections 2012 Results

Party Name Seats
Indian National Congress (INC) 32
Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) 31
Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) 3
Uttarakhand Kranti Dal(P) UKD(P) 1
Independent (IND) 3
Total 70

The last elections were held in 2012 and INC secured most number of seats with a margin of 1 seat. Congress won 32 seats and BJP managed to get 31 seats. Later on BSP, UKD(P) and independents helped Congress to form the government. The 2012 election results suggests that the current elections might also be close ones, and the various opinion polls also supports this statement. BJP is predicted as a winner in some opinion polls while other polls suggests INC as a winner. The Opinion polls are conducted on a small sample of voters, so none of the opinion poll can be taken as people's verdict. The election results will show the real decision of the people of Uttarakhand. Various opinion polls, survey and latest election news will help us to get a better picture of the upcoming Uttarakhand elections 2017.

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