Uttar Pradesh Exit Poll - Opinion Polls 2017

Seventh phase of UP election will be held on 08 March 2017. Voting on various constituencies will be conducted on Wednesday in high security. The last phase is very crucial for all the parties, after which declaration of exit polls will begin. On the evening of 9 March, we will see numerous UP exit polls and opinion surveys. We will keep you updated about every happening about election and opinion polls.

Assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh are scheduled in the beginning of 2017. Various agencies has also shared opinion poll surveys on UP election 2017. Voting is being carried out in seven phases. On 11 Feb, voting has taken place in first phase and the last phase will have voting on 08 March. The election commission has declared the date of 11th March for counting of votes. Uttar Pradesh has the most number of assembly seats(403) in the country. Elections are being held on 403 seats and 202 seats are required for a majority in the elections. Have a look on UP opinion poll 2017.

Uttar Pradesh Exit Polls 2017

Party / Exit PollsABP-CSDSTimes Now VMRIndia News MRCIndia News TV C-VotersIndia TodayChanakya

UP Exit Poll Chanakya, Chanakya Exit Poll UP Election 2017

UP Exit Poll, Exit Poll UP Election 2017

UP Exit Polls By VDPAssociates

UP Exit Poll, Exit Poll UP Election 2017 UP Exit Poll, Exit Poll UP Election 2017 UP Exit Poll, Exit Poll UP Election 2017 UP Exit Poll, Exit Poll UP Election 2017 UP Exit Poll, Exit Poll UP Election 2017 UP Exit Poll, Exit Poll UP Election 2017

Today's Chanakya is one of the reputed exit poll survey agency. Chanakya has predicted last two Lok Sabha Elections on dot, with a very accurate predictions. They also predicted couple of US and UK elections as well very accurately. The UP election exit poll 2017 are very much anticipated as elections in the state are over. Last phase of elections were held today. Many opinion survey prediction were already released before commencement of elections. None of the exit poll is released till now by any news agency today. Chanakya exit poll for Uttar Pradesh elections 2017 are awaited, as this agency seems to be very accurate. Their previous surveys made their image, and they will be under pressure of sharing another good prediction. This UP exit poll Chanakya will be announced after 5:30 in the evening on 9th March as per ECI guidelines.

ABP News Exit Poll 2017

PartySeat Projection

ABP News CSDS Exit Poll 2017 - Phase Wise

Seventh Phase Exit Poll

PartySeats -40Vote Share%
Others 12

Sixth Phase Exit Poll

PartySeats -49Vote Share%
Others 11

Fifth Phase Exit Poll

PartySeats -52Vote Share%
Others 10

Fourth Phase Exit Poll

PartySeats -53Vote Share%

Third Phase Exit Poll

PartySeatsVote Share%

Second Phase Exit Poll

PartySeats -67Vote Share%

First Phase Exit Poll

PartySeats -73Vote Share%
Others 14

UP Opinion Poll Results

We have created a summary of various opinion surveys shared by many agencies till now. This summarized report gives a closer view.

Poll Agencies Date SP+INC BJP BSP Others
India Today-Axis Jan-17 169-179 178-188 39-45 1-5
Times Now-VMR Jan-17 147 202 47 7
VDPAssociates Jan-17 128 207 58
THE WEEK-Hansa Research Jan-17 178-182 192-196 20-24 5-9
India Today-Axis Jan-17 97-106 206-216 79-85 7-11
ABP-CSDS and Lokniti Jan-17 154-170 129-139 93-103
India Today-Axis My India (Aaj Tak) 123-136 170-183 94-103 2-6
VDP Associates Oct-16 116 190 87 5
C Voter Sep-16 138-162 134-150 95-111 4-12
My Mandate and Pratishtha Research July 89 135 169 10
ABP News Mar-16 93 120 185 5
VDPAssociates Jul-16 74 149 165
Parliamentarian Magazine 2016 163 88 89
ABP News-Lokniti Poll Aug-16 149-165 124-134 103-113

Detailed analysis of opinion polls is shared below in this page.

Most of the opinion survey agencies have already shared the Uttar Pradesh opinion polls 2017. These polls are a way to get an idea about the election results. Selected constituencies are covered while taking survey of a state, and a sample of people are asked about their views. This consolidated report is then shared as opinion poll of that particular state. being the biggest state in terms of population, UP opinion surveys have been shared by a large number of poll agencies. Some of the major agencies are CVoter, India Today-Axis (Aaj Tak), THE WEEK-Hansa Research, ABP News-Lokniti, Times Now, VDPAssociates, etc.

Chanakya opinion poll for Uttar Pradesh is still not shared. The UP Chanakya exit poll is anticipated to come in the second week of March, after completion of voting in all five states (8 March). This is one of the famous survey conducted by agency, and often shows a close guess. We are having a close watch on Chanakya exit poll survey for UP, and will share it once it is announced. Many other Uttar Pradesh assembly elections 2017 predictions are also expected to come out in future.

Now last two phases of Uttar Pradesh elections are remaining and last phase will be held on 8 March 2017. After the wait of 3 days, on 11 March 2017 election results of UP and four others states will be declared. Various election opinion and exit polls of the reputed agencies is likely to be announced after the completion of Uttar Pradesh Election.

Key Updates Of Seventh Phase of UP Elections

  • 56% voting percent is recorded till 4 PM.
  • Last Phase voting has completed on 8 March.

Key Updates Of Sixth Phase of UP Elections

  • 57.03% voter turnout is recorded.
  • Phase 6 voting has completed on 4 March.

Key Updates Of Fifth Phase of UP Elections

  • 57.36% voter turnout is recorded.
  • Phase 5 voting was finished on 27 Feb, on 51 assembly seats.

Key Updates Of Fourth Phase of UP Elections

  • 61% voter turnout was recorded, as per reports received till 5 PM.
  • Phase four voting has finished on 23 February at 5 PM.

Key Updates Of Third Phase of UP Elections

  • Phase 3 Voting has completed on 19 February.
  • Till 5 PM, voting percent was recorded as 61.16%.

Key Updates Of Second Phase of UP Elections

  • Phase 2 voting was conducted on 15 February, 2017.
  • Voter turnout was more than 65% in second phase of UP election.

Key Updates Of First Phase of UP Elections

  • Phase 1 voting was conducted on 11 February, 2017.
  • Voter turnout was 64.2%, better than 2012.

Uttar Pradesh Opinion Poll 2017

As per the opinion poll conducted by various survey agencies it is quite difficult to choose a clear winner in upcoming UP legislative assembly elections. The main battle of UP will be fought between BJP, BSP, INC and SP. The table shows the UP opinion poll prediction of a survey conducted in March 2016 by ABP News. The survey poll is showing the predictions of UP assembly elections if held today.

Uttar Pradesh Opinion Poll 2017

Latest India Today-Axis Survey Poll

Party Projected Seats
BJP 178-188
SP+CONG 169-179
BSP 39-45
Others 1-5

Date: 31 January 2017

This survey was conducted on 25268 voters from 15 to 30 January 2017.

Latest India Today-Axis Survey Poll Latest India Today-Axis Survey Poll

Latest UP Opinion Poll by Times Now-VMR Survey

Party Seats Vote Share %
BJP 202 34
SP+INC 147 31
BSP 47 24
RLD 7 11
Total 403 100%

Date: 30 January 2017

We have come across a new survey conducted by Times Now-VMR on 30 January. The opinion poll was conducted recently on a small sample of people. Latest Times Now-VM opinion poll predicts that BJP will be the winner in UP assembly elections 2017. As per survey, They are clear favourites and are expected to win on 202 seats, majority with 34 percent vote share. SP+Congress alliance will have 147 seats in their favor, with 31 percent vote share. BSP will stay on third position with only 47 seats and 24% vote share. RLD will get 7 seats with 11 percent vote share. The predictions favours BJP and BJP will win with majority as per this survey. The Most popular CM candidates is Akhilesh Yadav with 39 percent vote share.

Times Now VMR Survey - Most Popular CM Candidate

CM Candidate Name Voting Percentage (%)
Akhilesh Yadav (SP) 39
Mayawati (BSP) 23
Yogi Adityanath (BJP) 16

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Latest UP Opinion Poll by VDPAssociates

Party Seat Forecast Vote Share %
BJP+ 207 35
SP+INC 128 32
BSP 58 22

VDPAssociates has shared their latest survey on their twitter page, predicting Uttar Pradesh election results. The Survey is published at VDPAssociates Twitter account, on 29 January, 2017. Latest Uttar Pradesh Opinion poll by VDPAssociates was conducted on 9119 people. They have covered 41 districts, between 23 January to 28 January. Total number of 423 polling booths are covered in this opinion poll.

Bhartiya Janata Party is expected to get 35 percent of Vote share. Newly formed SP and Congress alliance will get 32 percent vote share, BSP will be third in vote share with 22 percent. The election results seems in favour of BJP alliance, as 207 seats is predicted to be won by BJP. As per survey, BJP will win with majority in UP elections. Congress and SP alliance will have 24 and 104 seats respectively in their account. BSP stays at third spot with 58 seats. The sky is not so bright for other parties, if the prediction of VDPAssociates is correct. As per Punjab opinion polls conducted by this agency, AAP will win Punjab Elections with clear majority.

Political Parties Caste Wise Share - Prediction by VDP Associates

Political Parties Caste Wise Share

Opinion Poll by THE WEEK-Hansa Research

Political Party Seats
BJP 192-196
SP-Congress Alliance 178-182
BSP 20-24
Others 5-9

Opinion poll shared by THE WEEK-Hansa Research has shared the surveys which were conducted in January. It throws some lights on upcoming Uttar Pradesh elections results. BJP emerges as most popular party with maximum number of seats ranging from 192 to 196. Recent SP and Congress alliance will be nearby with their tally of 178-182 seats. BSP finds no hope in upcoming elections and they will struggle with 20-24 seats only. Share of Independents might be as low as 5-9 seats. This opinion poll was shared on 26 January and it was conducted a week before publishing. The poll doesn't show a green signal for any party in UP. However this is just a predictions, considering the fact that polls might not relate to actual results, as we have seen in the past.

Opinion Poll by India Today-Axis

Party Seat Share Vote %
BJP 206-216 33
SP 92-97 26
BSP 79-85 26
Congress 5-9 6
Others 7-11 9

The India Today-Axis has released a new opinion poll of UP elections. It is anticipating a clear majority for BJP in the elections. BJP is expected to win 206-216 seats which is above majority. SP's tally of seat is reduced to 92-97 in the elections, a bad news for the ruling party. Mayawati's BSP will win 79-85 seats, keeping them away from magical number of 203 seats. Congress is out of the contest with only 5-9 seats, very bad count for a national party. Others might bag 7-11 seats, as expected by India Today-Axis survey. Akhilesh has emerged as most popular CM in the state with 33 percent votes in survey. The opinion poll was conducted between October and December on a small sample of people.

UP Opinion Poll by ABP-CSDS and Lokniti

Party Seats
SP 141-151
BJP 129-139
BSP 93-103
INC 13-19

*This latest poll was released on 3 January 2017 and conducted on 5000 people of the 65 assembly constituencies of Uttar Pradesh from 5 to 17 December.

Check Complete Survey Result

India Today-Axis My India UP Opinion Poll (Aaj Tak)

Party Seats Vote Share %
BJP 170-183 31
SP 115-124 25
BSP 94-103 28
INC 8-12 6
Others 2-6 10

Check full survey here

Uttar Pradesh Opinion Poll by VDP Associates

Date: 1st October 2016

As per latest UP opinion poll by VDP Associates BJP might win 190 seats in upcoming polls, this makes it close to magical number (202). SP will win 111 seats and will remain second and unable to retain their CM post in 2017 elections. BSP will win around 87 seats and INC will win only 3 seats. Vote share is also predicted in recent survey of VDP Associates.

Party Name No. of Seats % Share
BJP 190 31%
SP 111 27%
BSP 87 24%
INC 5 5%

C Voter UP Opinion Poll

As per C-voter opinion survey BJP and SP will share the almost same number of seats and it predicts a hung assembly in upcoming elections. BSP will be on third spot and there is no hope for Congress. The poll was surveyed on 20462 voters of 403 assemblies. Poll was released on 2 September 2016.

Party 2012 Seats 2016 Seats Vote %
BJP 47 134-150 27.79%
SP 224 133-149 27.51%
BSP 80 95-111 25.44%
INC 28 5-13 6.19%
Others 27 4-12 7.00%

Vote Percentage by Caste and Religion

Caste and religion always play a major role in the politics of UP. Check the vote share by caste and religion.

Caste /Religion INC BJP BSP SP Others
Muslims 12.60% 2.70% 21.70% 50.20% 12.80%
Brahmins 10.80% 53.70% 10.30% 14.00% 11.20%
Thakur/Rajput 3.80% 54.40% 9.90% 19.40% 12.50%
Kaystha 4.60% 44.30% 6.90% 22.90% 21.40%
Vaishya/Baniya 5.80% 61.40% 6.80% 16.40% 9.60%
Dalits 5.30% 25.70% 44.20% 14.50% 10.20%
Yadavs 1.60% 12.10% 10.70% 65.60% 10.00%
Kurmi 1.30% 46.40% 8.90% 27.40% 16.10%
Jaat 1.40% 37.90% 16.50% 7.40% 36.70%
OBC (Others) 4.60% 39.50% 15.80% 23.40% 16.70%

UP Opinion Poll by 'My Mandate and Pratishtha Research'

Party Seat (2012) Voting % Seat (2017) Voting %
SP 224 29 74 24
BSP 80 25 169 34
BJP 47 15 135 30
INC 28 12 15 10
Others 24 19 10 2
Total 403 100 403 100

The opinion poll was conducted on a sample of 25,000 people throughout the State(Uttar Pradesh). It was conducted to get a rough prediction of the state election results which will be conducted in 2017. The survey suggests that BSP will be having 169 seats. The opinion poll predicts that Mayawati will be the prime choice of people across the state. BJP is present right behind BSP with 135 seats in the poll. The current CM is way behind and has only managed to secure 74 seats if survey is to be believed. The survey was conducted in all the four regions of Uttar Pradesh covering 46 assembly constituencies. The voters are moving towards Mayawati as next CM of the state, based on predictions but she is not in majority.

UP Opinion Poll by ABP News

As per the opinion poll survey Bahujan Samaj Party is going to win maximum number of seats (185) and it is very close to form the government. There is bad news for the ruling party of Uttar Pradesh, SP will be able to win only 80 seats if elections held today. There is some good news for BJP, BJP is clearly away from the majority of 202 seats. They will able to mange clinch victory on 120 seats as compared to 42 seats of 2012. There is a very bad news for Indian National Congress (INC), as per the survey INC will win only 13 seats as compare to 29 seats of 2012 elections of Uttar Pradesh. Independent and other party may win 5 seats.

Party Actual vote % in the 2012 election Actual seats in the 2012 elections Forecast vote % as per Opinion Poll Mar 2016 Forecast Seats as per Opinion Poll Mar 2016
SP (Samajwadi Party) 30.1 228 23 80
BSP (Bahujan Samaj Party) 24.8 80 31 185
BJP (Bhartiya Janta Party) 15.3 42 24 120
IND and Others 15 15 11 5
INC (Indian National Congress) 11.5 29 11 13
RLD (Rashtriya Janata Dal) 2.3 8 0 0
AD (Apna Dal) 1 1 0 0
Total 100 403 100 403
UP Opinion Poll Pie Chart based on ABP News Survey

Region-wise Break-up

Party Avadh Pradesh Bundelkhand Paschim Pradesh Purvanchal Total
BJP+ 19 5 32 64 120
BSP 31 11 30 63 185
INC+ 1 1 3 8 13
SP 12 2 23 38 80
IND and Others 0 0 2 3 5
Total 63 19 145 176 403

As per region, Paschim Uttar Pradesh has the most number of seats, followed by Purvanchal and all the major parties will try to win maximum number of seats from these regions.

UP Opinion Poll by VDPAssociates

Seat Forecast in July 2016 Vote % Forecast in July 2016 Seats in 2012 Vote % in 2012
Party Seats Vote % Seats Vote %
BSP 165 29.8 80 25.9
BJP+ 149 28.5 47 15
SP 68 22 224 29.1
INC 8 8.1 28 11.6
Total 390 88.4 379 81.6

The VPD associates is an agency which conducts survey for various elections. According to the poll conducted by VPD associates in July, BSP is expected to win 165 seats. The BSP supremo Mayawati looks in a very good condition in UP. On the second number, BJP and alliances are anticipated to win 149 seats. SP is in a very bad condition with only 68 seats. Congress is almost out of the picture with a mere tally of 8 seats. If this survey is to be believed, Mayawati's BSP will be in a better condition in upcoming Uttar Pradesh polls and SP will be out of power.

ABP News-Cicero Opinion Poll

Poll Detail:- The survey was conducted on 1000 people of the 10 assembly constituencies of UP on 24 July and 25 July 2016.

As per the ABP News-Cicero Poll, current CM Akhilesh Yadav is the most preferred candidate for the chief minister post with 28 % votes and Mayawati stands in second position with 25% votes. 17 percent people prefer Yogi Adityanath, 6 percent voter goes with Keshav Prasad Maurya and only 5 percent voters preferred Shiela Dikshit. 8% voters remained with other candidates and 11% didn't share any opinion.

UP Chief Ministers List

As per the poll, 32% voters predicted that BJP will form the government in upcoming elections. 26 percent and 24 percent went to Samajwadi party and Bahujan Samajwadi Party respectively. Only seven percent people predicted that INC will form the government. 7 percent people decided to keep quiet on this survey and 4% people gave a prediction of hung assembly.

As per ABP-Cicero Poll main issue of the elections will be Development and 51% people who were involved in the survey believed that Priyanka Gandhi Vadra will not able to bring Congress in Power. Only 19% stay remains with Priyanka Gandhi and 30% didn't share the opinion.

Opinion Poll by Parliamentarian Magazine

Party Seat Projection
SP 150
BSP 89
BJP 88
INC 13

A monthly magazine Parliamentarian conducted a latest opinion poll on a sample of 25,000 voters of Uttar Pradesh and as per the survey poll Samajwadi Party is going the lose the UP elections. As per the poll, performance of Akhilesh Yadav is rated good by 28%, average by 33% and bad by 39%. 28% voters want to see Mayawati as a next CM, 25% wants Akhilesh as a CM and surprisingly 23% people want Varun Gandhi as a CM.

ABP News-Lokniti Poll

Party Seats Vote %
SP 141-151 30
BJP 124-134 27
BSP 103-113 26
INC 8-14 5

As per ABP News Lokniti, Centre for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS) latest survey poll shows that 30% of voters will support SP, 27% will support BJP and 26% will support BSP in upcoming elections. As per the poll, only 5% voters will support Congress. As per the poll SP is likely to win 141-151 seats, BJP (124-134), BSP (103-113) and Congress (8-14) seats.

*The poll was conducted on 4000 people of UP in between 23 July to 7 August.

Two polls are also conducted in the month of July and August which predicts the vote share of all four major parties contesting UP elections.

ABVP-CSDS UP Opinion Poll

Party Vote Share Projections (%)
SP 30
BJP 27
BSP 26

HuffingtonPost-CVoter Poll

Party Vote Share Projections (%)
SP 27.51
BJP 27.79
BSP 25.44
INC 6.19

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These are just the predictions of elections and actual results of 2017 UP elections could be entirely different. Congress vote share might increase tremendously after declaring their CM candidate Sheila Dixit. UP voters always play an important role in the politics of the country, so it is interesting to see the results of the Uttar Pradesh opinion poll 2016 in next year's assembly elections.

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