UP Chief Minister List

Uttar Pradesh is most populous state of India, therefore it has 403 assembly seats. It has most number of assembly seats in India. UP always plays a vital role in the politics in the country. Today I am sharing UP Chief Minister List. The Chief Ministers list of UP is showing all the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh after the Republic of India.

UP Chief Minister List

Sl.No.Name Of Chief MinistersFromToParty
1Govind Ballabh Pant01/26/5005/20/52INC
2Govind Ballabh Pant05/20/5212/27/54INC
5Chandra Bhanu Gupta12/07/6003/14/62INC
6Chandra Bhanu Gupta03/14/6210/01/63INC
7Sucheta Kriplani Mendhwal10/02/6303/13/67INC
8Chandra Bhanu Gupta03/14/6704/02/67INC
9Charan Singh04/03/6702/25/68BKD
 President's rule02/25/6802/26/69 
10Chandra Bhanu Gupta02/26/6902/17/70INC
11Charan Singh02/18/7010/01/70BKD
 President's rule10/01/7010/18/70 
12Tribhuvana Narayana Singh10/18/7004/03/71INC
13Kamlapati Tripathi04/04/7106/12/73INC
 President's rule06/12/7311/08/73 
14Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna11/08/7303/04/74INC
15Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna03/05/7411/29/75INC
 President's rule11/30/7501/21/76 
16N. D. Tiwari01/21/7604/30/77INC
 President's rule04/30/7706/23/77 
17Ram Naresh Yadav06/23/7702/27/79JP
18Banarsi Das02/28/7902/17/80JP
 President's rule02/17/8006/09/80 
19V. P. Singh06/09/8007/18/82INC
20Sripati Mishra07/19/8208/02/84INC
21N. D. Tiwari08/03/8403/10/85INC
22N. D. Tiwari03/11/8509/24/85INC
23Vir Bahadur Singh09/24/8506/24/88INC
24N. D. Tiwari06/25/8812/05/89INC
25Mulayam Singh Yadav12/05/8906/24/91JD
26Kalyan Singh06/24/9112/06/92BJP
 President's rule12/06/9212/04/93 
27Mulayam Singh Yadav12/04/9306/03/95SP
 President's rule10/18/9510/17/96 
 President's rule10/17/9603/21/97 
30Kalyan Singh09/21/9711/12/99BJP
31Ram Prakash Gupta11/12/9910/28/00BJP
32Rajnath Singh10/28/0003/08/02BJP
 President's rule03/08/0205/03/02 
34Mulayam Singh Yadav08/29/0305/13/07SP
36Akhilesh Yadav03/15/1219/03/2017SP
37Yogi Adityanath19/03/2017PresentBJP

Bharatiya Janata Party won the UP elections 2017 by huge margin.

Some interesting facts about Uttar Pradesh Chief Ministers

  • First Chief Minister of UP was Govind Ballabh Pant of Indian National Congress (INC).
  • First woman chief minister of UP was Sucheta Kriplani of INC.
  • Last Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh was Akhilesh Yadav of Samajwadi Party
  • Current Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh is Yogi Adityanath of Bharatiya Janata Party.

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    Last Updated on 5 May 2017