Seventh phase of UP election was conducted on 8 March, 2017. This was the last phase, among total number of 7 phases. The election results were declared on 11 March. BJP energed out as a clear winner. They are brought into power with massive majority, winning 312 seats out of 403. SP and Congress alliance couldn't do any wonder and they could only win 54 seats. BSP, despite being a former winner in UP, was able to secure a mere tally of 19 seats.

Party Wise Results

PartyWonVote %
Bharatiya Janata Party31239.7%
Samajwadi Party4721.8%
Bahujan Samaj Party1922.2%
Apna Dal (Soneylal)91.0%
Indian National Congress76.2%
Suheldev Bhartiya Samaj Party40.7%
Rashtriya Lok Dal11.8%
Nirbal Indian Shoshit Hamara Aam Dal10.6%

Assembly Constituency Wise Results

UP Elections 2017 was a major political event. The elections are declared for the complete state, and political scenario of the state is very clear. Elections in uttar Pradesh were held in February and March , 2017. There were total seven phases, in which elections were held. Voting percentage has been above 60%, in starting two phases it was close to 65% even. Considering this, we can say that people participaed in good numbers, however a better voter turnout was expected. Uttar Pradesh election results were also awaited for a long time. The UP election results were declared on 11 March, a very important day for every political party of the state. All the participating parties were focusing on winning the elections of Uttar Pradesh legislative assembly.

After these Uttar Pradesh assembly elections 2017, we have seen the new government coming in power. Current term of Uttar Pradesh legislative assembly is going to be over on 27-05-2017. We were covering UP elections results and live updates along with latest happening and trends of the election.

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Uttar Pradesh (UP) Assembly Elections 2017

There are 403 assembly seats in this state, more than any other state of India. Winning in this region proves that the party is politically strong. Around 14 crore voters are eligible to cast their votes, largest tally of voters in a single state. Such large tally of voters belongs to different communities. Every party tries to turn the voters of every community to in their favor; however it is a tough task to do. In 2012 elections, SP won the elections with clear majority. They managed to bag 224 seats clearly turning the elections in their favor. Result of Uttar Pradesh elections was declared in favour of SP, allowing Akhilesh Yadav to take oath as CM for first time.

The Uttar Pradesh Elections 2017 were carried out in 7 different phases. Voting on first phase took place on 11, Feb 2017 and the last phase have seen voting on 8, March 2017. Counting of votes took place on 11 March, 2017 and UP election results was declared on same day.

The 2012 assembly elections saw a majority of win by Samajwadi Party. Akhilesh Yadav was appointed as CM of the state by party president Mulayam Singh Yadav. It was a test of Akhilesh to prove his leadership. In the upcoming elections, Akhilesh was the Chief Minister candidate of SP. Akhilesh’s party has seen few downs and controversies in the recent past. They have to win trust of voters despite all the negative publicity party is gaining, due to clash of thoughts between Akhilesh and Mulayam. In 2017 elections, Akhilesh couldn't win even respectable number of seats and only 47 seats were won by SP.

BSP is another main party which was eyeing to form their government for coming term. Mayawati led BSP promoted them as best choice for the elections, but voters didnt agree with her. Party didn’t perform well in the 2017 elections, gaining only 19 seats. BSP won 80 seats in 2012 elections,a d this time the number got worse, reducing their chance of comeback in next term too. The party will try to regain its strength to come in power again.

Another main national parties, BJP was also testing their fate in UP elections. It was a litmus test for BJP after their brave move of demonetizations. Post such a big decision, this was the first time when common man spoke with their votes. The party is led by PM Narendra Modi, and they scored very well by winning 312 seats. The party attained a magical number, surpassing majority by a margin of 110 seats.

Among these contenders, Congress was also trying to reclaim its lost esteem in these elections. Last few years have not been good for the party. UP have 403 assembly seats, winning more constituencies here meant to increase there presence in Vidhan Sabha. Congress was likely to target most of the constituencies in order to win with majority, however their alliance with SP left them with very less number of seats. The party won only 7 seats, which is not a good number, party wll be very disappointed with their performance. This is not what they would have expected.

Main Issues of the State in this Elections

The state has severe issues including poverty, high crime rate, minimum development and basic education etc. However politicians take spotlight away from these important issues. UP politics and election agenda is generally kept limited to communities and casts. A large population of UP is below poverty line. Many other issues are quality of education, basic infrastructure, power supply, development of rural areas, and crime rate in the state, etc. These issues should be raised by parties to improve condition of Uttar Pradesh. Corruption has made the state’s condition even worse, taking away most of the money allotted for development and constructions.

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Political Facts about Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh Political Facts 
Parlimentary Constituencies80
Assembly Constituencies403
Nominate Member (Anglo-Indian community)1
Ruling PartyBharatiya Janata Party (BJP)
Opposition PartySamajwadi Party (SP)
Current Chief MinisterYogi Adityanath
Leader of the HouseYogi Adityanath
Leader of Opposition-
GovernorRam Naik
Chief Electoral OfficerT Venkatesh

Uttar Pradesh legislative assembly type is Bicameral, it has one lower house and one upper house. Lower house has 403 assembly constituencies and upper house (Vidhan Parishad) has 100 Members. 1 Member is nominated from Anglo-Indian community. It has 80 parlimentary constituencies.Such large number of seats in assembly elections contains voters of various communities. It is a diverse state where people have various issues and expectations from the government. Deep political knowledge of the state is necessary to turn the voters in your side. Every parties’ political experts looks closely to every move made by politicians. This state has not seen a party scoring consecutive wins in recent years.

Uttar Pradesh Opinion Polls Summary

Numerous Opinion polls are conducted by some news and survey agencies. Opinion survey predicts people’s view by taking opinion of small sample of people. These surveys are conducted in various regions of the state to get a better prediction. In most of the surveys, BJP have an edge over other parties. BSP and SP are experiencing a close fight in terms of votes. Congress doesn’t look good and is out of competition. None of the survey suggested that they will win by majority in 2017 elections.

Many reputed survey agencies and pollsters announced opinion polls, below is the summary of various opinion polls:

Survey AgencyDateBJPBSPSPINCOthers
India Today- My Axis12 - Oct - 2016170-183115-12494-1038-122-6
VDP Associates1 - Oct - 2016190871115NA
C Voter2 - Sept - 2016134-15095-111133-1495-134-12
ABP NewsMarch - 201612018580135
Parliamentarian Magazine 888915013NA
ABP News-Lokniti Poll 124-134103-113141-1518-14
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Uttar Pradesh Vidhan Sabha Elections 2017

Uttar Pradesh is one of the biggest State of India and it has largest state in term of Population. As per elections held in 2012, 127492836 electors were in UP and 59.40% voters used their votes. 75725793 voters participated in the last election.

Since independence, congress has ruled Uttar Pradesh till 1974. In 1974 assembly elections, people of Uttar Pradesh chose some other party over congress for the first time in the history of Republic of India. After this election, congress hardly ruled the state till now. Janta Party was the first party to defeat congress in the country. After which various other parties got introduced in Uttar Pradesh elections. In recent years, SP and BSP were considered as main contenders of the elections. In 2017 elections, they faced tough competitions from Bhartiya Janta Party, which won 312 seats.

Constituencies in Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh has 403 Vidhan Sabha seats and 80 Lok Sabha seats, which are highest in India. 202 seats are required to form the government. In last assembly elections (2017) Bharatiya Janata party won 312 seats out of 403 and formed the Government.

Among the 403 Vidhan Sabha seats, 85 seats are reserved for scheduled caste candidate. Out of 80 parliamentary constituencies, 17 seats are reserved for scheduled caste. Due to such large number of assembly seats in the state, elections are carried out in numerous phases. In this region of the country, people from different caste and religion are inhabited. Muslim voters plays an important role in forming the government. Various caste are also focussed by politicians to ensure a marginal win.

Political Parties in Uttar Pradesh

Below table is showing the major parties of Uttar Pradesh

Party Name
Samajwadi Party (SP)
Bharatiya Janata party (BJP)
Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP)
Indian National Congress (INC
Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD)
Communist party of India (CPI)

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