Panvel Municipal Results

PartySeats Won
Shiv Sena2

*List of winners and winning candidates will be declared after the official declaration from the State Election commission.

Panvel Municipal corporation elections are one of the major political event of this city. These elections elect governing body for municipal corporation, for next 5 years. These elections are awaited for long time now, as this is maiden election for Panvel Municipal Corporation. There are many political parties which have declared their candidates for these elections. This is the first election for this Panvel Nagar Palika, so it will be very interesting to see people’s decision here. Congress is among the favourite parties in this region, considering the last elections of nearby MahaNigam palika.

Ward NoWardWinner CandidateParty Name
1A Mahatre Jayshree Ravikant PWP
1B Kaini Sheetal PWP
1C Patil Gyaneshwar PWP
1D Bhoir SantoshBJP
2A Arvind Pundlik PWP
2B Patil Ujwala PWP
2C Dabhne Arun PWP
2D Joshi Vishnu PWP
3A Manjula Gajanan Congress
3B Chaudhary Vishwanath Congress
3C Ajiz Mohsin PWP
3D Haresh Manohar PWP
4A Patil PravinBJP
4B Patil NetraBJP
4C Patil AnitaBJP
4D Patil AbhinmanyuBJP
5A Kakade ShatrughanBJP
5B Garad Lina ArjunBJP
5C Upadhya HarshadaBJP
5D Bara Ramjoi GailaBJP
6A Navghare AartiBJP
6B Adv Naresh GanpatBJP
6C Kadam SanjanaBJP
6D Bavasikar NileshBJP
7A Amar Arun Patil BJP
7B Gaikwad Vidya BJP
7C Patil Pramila BJP
7D Sharma Rajendra Kumar BJP
8A Bhoir Priya PWP
8B Rani Kamlesh PWP
8C Patil Santosh Congress
8D Baban Namde PWP
9A Madhe Mahadev BJP
9B Chandrakala PWP
9C Mahatre Prajyoti PWP
9D Bhagat Gopal PWP
10A Menika Prakash BJP
10B Kadam Kamal PWP
10C Bhagat Ravindra PWP
10D Vijay Manohar Others
11A Santosh Sandip BJP
11B Gopinath Dinkar BJP
11C Aruna Pradip BJP
12A Gaikwad Jagdish BJP
12B Kusum Ravindra BJP
12C Kuttarwade Pushpa BJP
12D Dilip Patil BJP
13A Hemlata Ravi BJP
13B Vikas Narayan PWP
13C Bhagat Sheela BJP
13D DR Arun Kumar PWP
14A Hemlata Harishchandra BJP
14B Bhagat Sarika Atul PWP
14C Manohar JaanuBJP
14D Abdul makidBJP
15A Eknath RamdasBJP
15B Sitatai PatilBJP
15C Kusum PatilBJP
15D Bhopi SundarBJP
16A Bhavekar RajshreeBJP
16B Dr Kavita KishoreBJP
16C Sameer BalashethBJP
16D Santosh G ShettyBJP
17A Vinedar Praksh BJP
17B Sushila Jagdish BJP
17C ADV Vrushali BJP
17D ADV Manoj BJP
18A Mahatre Pritam PWP
18B Dr Mohekar PWP
18C Preeti George PWP
18D Vikrant Balasaheb Patil BJP
19A Paresh RamshethBJP
19B Mughda GurunathBJP
19C Darshan BhoirBJP
19D Chandrakant SoniBJP
20A Kandpide JanardhanBJP
20B Gharat CharusheelaBJP
20C Bahira AjayBJP

Panvel Municipal Election Date 2017

Panvel Municipal Election 2017 EventsDate
Scrutiny of Nomination Papers08/05/17
Last Date for Withdrawal Nomination 11/05/17
Candidates List Publishing Date12/05/17
Voting Date24/05/2017
Panvel Results 2017 Date26/05/2017

Panvel Municipal corporation voting date is shared by election commission. The voting date is 24 May 2017. Election results will be shared two days later, on 26 May 2017. Two other Municipal areas will have election on the same dates. Malegaon and Bhiwandi have their election scheduled on the same days. The last date of candidate declaration has already passed, hence all the candidates are already unveiled by parties.

There are total of 78 wards seats on stake in these elections. Panvel Municipal corporation has 20 wards, among which 78 seats are distributed. Ward 20 has 3 seats and ward 11 has 3 seats too, rest of the wards have 4 seats each. Nigam Parshad are selected on each of these wards by the election process. These councillors are responsible for development and maintenance of their ward areas.

The live vote counting and updates winner and runner up will be shared here. It will start from morning of 26 May, 2017. We will have the clear result by the end of the same day, Friday.

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